Sunday, August 28, 2011

24 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
This has been one exciting week.  You have experienced your first Earthquake and Hurricane.  Well as much as you could feel it being in my belly.  You have shown us signs to always trust in God and believe in his mircales.  This due to the fabulous ultrasound I had earlier this week.  You have also decided to finally allow me to stand the smell of raw meat and giving me the want to eat.  I didn't realize how much I missed being in the kitchen till the past two days of cooking.  Making Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with your brother this morning brought me such joy!  We have around 112 Days Left till we get to meet you.  As each day passes I become more and more excited.
With All My Love,

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of Baby -
You are growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week.  You should be about/almost a foot long aka length of a ear of corn.

Weight Gain/Loss -
Havent't gained any weight yet.  I am not to worried though.  I know I have plenty of time to gain some weight..... 

Maternity Clothes -
Still in my regular pants/capris.  In maternity tops and a fabulous friend sent me some of her old maternity clothes.  I do need to but maternity PJs because the ones I have are not comfortable on the belly.  You kick to let me know you need room.

Gender -
Boy!!! Had a great laugh this week when the ultrasound tech, Ms. Victoria, pointed out your "Pickles and Penis".  The saying of "Pickles" was a new one to your dad and I!
Movement -
You are crazy active.  As in take my breath away, stop me in my tracks, because of all the kicks and punches.  I love feeling you though!

Sleep -
Sleep has become hit and miss.  However last night was very rough night of no sleep.  You were on a nerve that sent shooting pain and/or numbess down my right leg.  Around 6ish you moved and it was wonderful to have no weird sensation down my leg.

Cravings -
Oh goodness what a difference a week makes!  This week has been dill pickles (round hamburger style) and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  I have a special cup size bowl for the ice cream.  Other wise I want to eat right out of the cartoon.

Symptoms -
Still ice cold water for I always feel thirsty.  The sensation of having to pee about every 10 minutes.  Then the nerve pain last night.

Best Moment this week -
Your Anatomy Ultra Sound

This Week's Activity -
Finalizing the theme for your brother's big boy room.  As well as finalize the theme of your nursery.  We were going to reuse the nursery for you but your dad and I changed our minds.  Decided it would be nice for your to have something of "your own".

Sneak Peak of your room....well one of the ideas HA!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

HH6 - June, July, and August Challenge

I am still part of the HH6 Cooking Club.  However, I just haven't participated since May.  Thanks to the fabulous morning sickness I haven't found myself in the kitchen to actually cook real meals.  There have been some amazing challenges each month and even more amazing results from fellow HH6 Members.  Below is August's challenge.  Hope you click on the HH6 Button and see what fellow members have created.

HouseHold6 Cooking Club's August
theme which is:

"With the mercury continuing to rise this month, let's once again give ourselves a break from the stove. Create an original 5 ingredient slow cooker recipe. Salt and/or pepper do not count as one of the 5 ingredients."
(my button is not working at this time)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Ultra Sounds, and now Hurricane!!!

I have a feeling either Mother Nature forgot to take her happy pills or August is mad because we all are ready for Fall!  Either way what a week this has been.  Week started off with a Shake, Rattle, and Holy Crap this is an Earthquake here in NC.  Move on to a truly wonderful Ultra Sound.  Then to conclude with getting ready for Hurricane Irene. 

In the midst of the crazy hormones of Mother Nature, I have been cleaning one room a day.  I mean on hands and knees scrubbing, cleaning base boards, throwing out junk or making donation bags, etc.  I wouldn't call it nesting but more of Mr. May will be home soon and I don't want him to think I have sat on my butt eating donuts this whole deployment ;) HA!  While scrubbing the living room floor (a 2.5 yr old and 9 yr old Boxer really can make a mess of hard wood floors), it gave me the chance to brainstorm........

Here are some of things I need or want to finish within the next few months -
1-Get Gabriel's big boy room set up and decorated.......this means to actually go shopping which I truly truly do not like to do!
2-Get out baby items from storage to wash, check batteries, bottles, etc.  That would be nesting since I really have time but really would like to get his room ready.
3-Make a few Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Wreaths/Decorations.  I have been googling nonstop and have some really cute wreaths I want to make.  I really love when people share their ideas because I am not the person to come up with creative ideas on my own.  Thank goodness for Blogs, FB, and Google.
4-Bake and freeze some meals for Mr. May's return and arrival of baby in 4ish months.

Those are the main ideas on my brain right now.  Of course the list does go on and on but starting with 4 and going from there.  Hope the rest of you all have had a fabulous week!!!  Just can't express how excited I am that Fall is around the corner.  My pregnancy hormones and the Summer heat have not been nice to me.  Besides with Fall comes decorations, apple cider, pumpkin patches, and lots of baking.  Oh yes time to go craft some wreaths!!

Well #5 on my mind...wish I could have one of these
right now to go along with Hurricane Irene

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear Peanut,
Tonight I had your Anatomy Ultrasound.  It was a late appointment, 6pm, which the nurse at Womack Hospital explained they deliver over 300 babies a month so they offer late u/s appt.  Being that the appt was at 6pm, I was the last appointment of the day.  Boy did this turn into a wonderful thing.  What normally would have been about 30ish minute u/s appt, turned into an hour long appt.

Victoria is the lady who administered the u/s and man was she fabulous.  She explained all the pictures she took of you for your charts (over 40 pictures).  I explained how daddy is deployed right now and how you are also due around your brother's birthday.  Victoria was just as sweet and caring as she could be!

40 something pictures later, it came time to make sure you are in fact a boy.  Right away she pointed out your "Pickles" and "Penis".  Wait...what?!?! Pickles???  Yep, she explained to me that you indeed were a boy because here were your "pickles and penis".  Oh, how I started laughing.  "Pickles" was a new one for me I tell you.  By the way, I tell you this story now because I know when you became a man and have "man humor", you will find it very funny that you manhood was called "Pickles" at one time.

After we both stopped laughing a miracle happened.  Well Victoria and I are calling it a miracle so a miracle it is.  With the 40 something pictures she took of you she just could not get a clear view of your face.  She then proceeded to talk to you in this very, very, high pitch voice and BAM!! You moved your arms away from you face, moved your head, and started blinking your eyes. 

I gasped because it was unreal to see your eyes blink already.  Then you stopped and proceeded to wink with your right eye.  Victoria was pretty shocked as well on how clear your blink and then winks were.  So for the next 5 minutes she left the wand on my belly and she continued to talk in her very high pitch excited voice.  Victoria and I watched you, this miracle of a child, wink and smile for the camera.  Yes I typed that correctly...smiled!!  Two times in fact and with a picture to prove it.

See I have been so sick this pregnancy.  As well as this tiny feeling the past 23 weeks that there was something wrong with you.  Maybe it was left over fear from the miscarriage or your dad not home to share my emotions/feelings with, but I have had this nagging feeling that there was something wrong with you. 

Well tonight, you and God showed me that you are perfectly fine.  Between the blink, winks of right eye, and the two smiles you gave, this complete calm feeling came over me.  It truly felt like you were giving me a message of "Relax mom! I'm okay!"  While I was lying on that table, you somehow managed to make me feel even more thankful and blessed that I get to be your mom!!! 

In about 4 months, I will finally be able to hold you in my arms.  Tell you face to face just how much your father and I love you.   I truly look forward to watching you grow, forming a brotherly bond with Gabriel, and seeing what type of man you become.  If tonight is any indication, son you are going to accomplish/do amazing things in this world!
I love you dearly and can't wait to hold you!!

Your 1st me
(By the way, not sure why this chin is coming from HA!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

23 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
Today I am 23 weeks along with you and the joy continues to grow.  I know I am very late in writing letters to you but better late then never.  The past 23 weeks have been very emotional for me due to your dad deploying, being so very sick with Hyperemesis, trying to keep a normal routine with your older brother, and just feeling blah. However, do not mistake how very excited and happy your dad and I are that we are pregnant with you!!  You truly are a blessing and can not wait till you enter this world to be part of our family.

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of baby
You are more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound (about as much as a large mango)

Weight Gain/Loss -
I have lost 19 pounds with you (25 with your brother so you have been a little bit nicer to mom HA!).  I have finally stopped throwing everything I eat/drink (happened around 19/20ish weeks).  Nausea is still hanging around but at least it is more manageable now.  Best part is each week the want to eat is coming back. 

Maternity Clothes -
Due to weight loss I can still wear my regular pants/shorts.  Which is a good thing because all the stores have been sold out of Capri/shorts for awhile now.  I am slowly getting into maternity tops which is a good thing for the extra room on top HA!

Gender: -
You are a boy...however this was told to us at 15weeks.  We have the "official" u/s coming up soon.

Movement -
You are very active.  I truly don't remember feeling your brother this strongly, this early on.  During the day you are much more relaxed but at night you love to party!!

Sleep -
Only one crazy dream but lots of tossing and turning so far.  You are very low in my belly and sometimes while you are partying you hit a nerve that wakes me up.

Cravings -
No cravings yet.  This go around I do want Mexican food but I have to be careful because already suffering from heartburn. 

Symptoms -
Have had a few Charlie Horses, want ice cold drinks all the time, and did have 24/7 morning sickness but that is just about completely out the door.

Best Moment this week -
-Last night actually felt you move with my hand. 
-Funny story around 16ish weeks.  I was loading your brother into his car seat and told him to be careful of my belly because his baby brother was in there.  Gabriel got this very serious and confused look on his face and shouted "What?!?!?!?!"  Oh man it was so funny to see him then scratch his head and sit back so I could buckle him in.

Friday, August 19, 2011

1st was our "Butter-Bean" and now it's our "Peanut"

Sheesh!!! May 26th was last update from me.  I am back and have some good reasons why I have been gone for almost 3 months......Deployment, Possessed House, Terrible 3's, 7 state visit in 2ish months, and.....we are expecting our "Peanut" come December!!!! 

1st - Deployment
This is our 1st deployment and man has it been an adjustment.  I am used to Mr. May always working shift 12-14 hour days, weekends, holidays, and many TDYs but this deployment has been a true learning experience.  Throw in me being pregnant with Peanut and the glorious (read with a snort) Hyperemesis I get when pregnant.......yeah I am glad to say we are in the home stretch of the deployment being over.  I really wanted to blog about life as a wife and mother during deployment but I just didn't have the mind or strength to do so.  Maybe I could do a recap but we will see. 

2nd - Possessed House
Yeah this is a long story and results in us making the decision that when our lease is up come January we are out of this house.  Another move and just after having a baby, but I will offer pizza, beer, and yummy goodies...thinking positive we will get help to move :D

3rd - Terrible 2/3's
So Gabriel is little over 2.5 years old and man he thinks he is going on 13!!!  He can have me bending over with laughter, true amazement with his letters, numbers, coloring, singing, then a switch is flipped and he turns into the incredible hulk....minus the green.  We have had it "easy" since he was born so I guess our time was due to experience headaches LOL!!!

4th - 7 States in 2ish Months
Gabriel, Peanut, and I have become little state travelers the past 2ish month (almost 3).  Due to a funeral, mini vacation to Atlanta Aquarium, and being so sick, going home to stay with family and friends.  We are back home now and plan to stay awhile.  Once pictures are uploaded plain to do a quick recap of or 7 State Adventure.....what an adventure it was!

5th - Peanut
Yes this one brings me the most joy!!!  Mr. May named Gabriel "Butter-Bean" when we found out we were pregnant because the u/s picture really looked like a tiny Butter-Bean.  2nd pregnancy we never got a chance to create nickname due to the miscarriage.  This pregnancy Nathan had the honor again of picking out another nickname and he came up with "Peanut".  Not sure why but it has stuck. 

We know we are having a boy, his ETA is December 17th, and we do have a name picked out but keeping that to ourselves until Peanut has arrived.  I toyed with the idea of not finding out the sex but my curiosity won out.  I am almost 23 weeks and feeling like a million  I truly wanted to do weekly Blog updates about Peanut and I's journey but when you are sick with Hyperemesis, so many things are thrown out the window.  However I am past that and will start this Sunday when we are 23 weeks. 

I want to say thank you for the many emails I have received asking if I was okay or wishing me to come back.  I enjoy Blogging.  Many things have happened in the world, friendships, or just life in general that I wanted to Blog about, but just truly lost my "Blogging Mojo".  While gone I have been doing a lot of thinking (which sometimes is never good with me HA!).  Think some changes are due with the Blog so hope you come back, read, and share your thoughts!!  I know I have missed many of the Blogs I follow and look forward to catching up.

Taken when I was almost 15 weeks

All My Blogging Love,
Come What May!!
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