Sunday, August 21, 2011

23 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
Today I am 23 weeks along with you and the joy continues to grow.  I know I am very late in writing letters to you but better late then never.  The past 23 weeks have been very emotional for me due to your dad deploying, being so very sick with Hyperemesis, trying to keep a normal routine with your older brother, and just feeling blah. However, do not mistake how very excited and happy your dad and I are that we are pregnant with you!!  You truly are a blessing and can not wait till you enter this world to be part of our family.

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of baby
You are more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound (about as much as a large mango)

Weight Gain/Loss -
I have lost 19 pounds with you (25 with your brother so you have been a little bit nicer to mom HA!).  I have finally stopped throwing everything I eat/drink (happened around 19/20ish weeks).  Nausea is still hanging around but at least it is more manageable now.  Best part is each week the want to eat is coming back. 

Maternity Clothes -
Due to weight loss I can still wear my regular pants/shorts.  Which is a good thing because all the stores have been sold out of Capri/shorts for awhile now.  I am slowly getting into maternity tops which is a good thing for the extra room on top HA!

Gender: -
You are a boy...however this was told to us at 15weeks.  We have the "official" u/s coming up soon.

Movement -
You are very active.  I truly don't remember feeling your brother this strongly, this early on.  During the day you are much more relaxed but at night you love to party!!

Sleep -
Only one crazy dream but lots of tossing and turning so far.  You are very low in my belly and sometimes while you are partying you hit a nerve that wakes me up.

Cravings -
No cravings yet.  This go around I do want Mexican food but I have to be careful because already suffering from heartburn. 

Symptoms -
Have had a few Charlie Horses, want ice cold drinks all the time, and did have 24/7 morning sickness but that is just about completely out the door.

Best Moment this week -
-Last night actually felt you move with my hand. 
-Funny story around 16ish weeks.  I was loading your brother into his car seat and told him to be careful of my belly because his baby brother was in there.  Gabriel got this very serious and confused look on his face and shouted "What?!?!?!?!"  Oh man it was so funny to see him then scratch his head and sit back so I could buckle him in.

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