Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Blogging will come back soon.....promise.  I am going through some health issues right now that 1-not ready to share yet 2-taking all of my energy and 3-nothing serious but still has me worried.

However, I had to blog this funny story.  I realized I was out of diapers for said 21 month old kid.  Pulled myself together just enough to make a Target run.  How I have missed shopping at Target!  Haven't been in a MONTH....bank account has more money too hehehe.

Okay sorry, back to the point.  So after picking up the diapers we detoured to the DVD section.  I am feeling guilty for making Gabriel go to a sitter even though my health requires it right now.   We have never really allowed Gabe to watch cartoons or TV but since hubs is gone and my feet are up, Disney's Play House is on...a lot!  So tonight I decided to get him another Mickey Mouse DVD.

Browsing the DVD section, told Gabriel to look for Mickey and as soon as he spots "Mouse" let me know.  Next thing I know he lets out this high pitched scream....not one but two very high pitch long screams.  It scared the bejeezus out of me!!!  Made this grandparent age couple jump out of their skin.  Why the scream?!?!?!  Gabriel found Mickey.....man there is never a dull moment with my son. 

Target run ended with diapers, Mickey Mouse DVD, and a book for me.  After the Mouse scream of 2010 I might have to change his birthday theme.........

Monday, September 13, 2010


Yes I love to Blog but lately I have been finding myself lazy...oh so very lazy.  However, the May family has been having fun living life, taking pictures, and experiencing TDY's.  So, Come What May will be back up running again...soon...I hope.  This reminds me that I have over three weeks of pictures to upload to our Shutterfly account and 2 Netflicks movies to watch.  Guess I know what I need to do this week too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday.....What a Glorius Day!!

I have this friend whom I have come to admire, respect, and pray, that I will have her strength, Faith, and love that she has.  Ms. B started out as a Facebook friend.  Met her when I went to Bunko one night and instantly felt this love and positive calmness about her.  Only at Bunko would I talk to her or would sometimes comment on her FB page.  Then I took this Bible Study over the summer (which I have yet to Blog about...very bad I know) and Ms. B came into the class.  She sat next to me and said hi my FB friend!!  Instantly we started laughing and chatting.  Then I heard (via text messaging and FB) that Ms. B had delivered her precious baby boy way, way too early.  My heart and soul immediately went out to her, baby boy, and the family. 

I knew we were only FB friends but I wanted to give her support anyway that I could.  Since then, I have been going to the hospitals to visit with Ms. B and Baby Boy.  I tell my hubs I will be home soon and he just smiles.  So far my visits have turned from "soon" into 2-3 hour visits.  Just me and Ms. B talking and getting to know each other.  Me listening to Ms. B. talk about baby boy and all the miracles he is surpassing, her unwavering Faith, her two other children at home, her husband, and how she manages every day life.  All the while her baby boy is in the NICU fighting for his life.  My intentions to visit with Ms. B were to show my support and give a shoulder or ear.  However these past few months, it has been she who is actually helping me. 

Ms. B has shown me, that with God, that there really is nothing you can't handle.  That yes things happen we don't understand nor comprehend, but we just have to believe good will come out of them.  Ms. B is truly always smiling, one of the strongest women I know, and I LOVE her humor. 

Some how I find myself always having tears of joy when I am visiting with her and baby boy.  Like tonight, she sang this BEAUTIFUL song to her daughter over the phone because it was bedtime.  I just lost it.  Ms. B. has this voice of what I bet angels sound like.  When she started to sing it was like she poured every breathe she had in her into the song.  There was this undesricable calmness to make sure her daughter knew how much mommy loved and wished she was home to tuck her in!

I have zero doubt in my mind that God is truly watching over Ms B and her family.  So my fellow blog readers, I ask you to pray for the following - their house sells, baby boy continues to grow strong and healthy, that baby boy will be released out of the NICU so they can finally be a family of 5 under one roof, and lastly, that Ms. B continues to have strength, knowledge, and love.  Strength to know she is doing the best she can and she is succeeding.  Knowledge that her Faith is being touched by others.  Love...that she feels love by her family and friends. 

This world truly is a better place because of Ms. B.  I know I am a better to person because of our friendship!
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