Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a Bird, a Plane, no! It's a Garden Gnome

I LOVE October! First it's the cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, my birthday, and finally Halloween. This year is extra special because this is Gabe's first Halloween. Now I know that he can't trick-or-treat and eat any of the candy but he can still dress up! So the search began for the different and funniest costume.

Searching on the internet opened my eyes to the thousands of different costumes there are. For example, the traditional lion , pumpkin , or a car freshener (yes I am serious). All of these were cute but they just didn't make me laugh or they weren't picture worthy-to me at least.

Well, when Crystal was in town we went to a Halloween store and checked out their baby costumes. I thought about doing Star Wars but since Nathan will not be here for this Halloween, I decided to hold off Star Wars for another year.

Looking through the racks we found a costume that made us laugh and just had to try it on Gabe. Boy am I glad I had Crystal with me! She gets and understands my humor and both of us agreed this is the best Halloween costume!

Gabe as a Garden Gnome

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Road Tripping

Monday Nathan was working so Gabe and I took a road trip. It was supposed to be a group but miscommunication found Gabe and I on our own. Think it was meant to be because this was a day my heart will never forget!!!

Gabe laughing at the camera

Normally it takes a lot of work to get Gabe to smile for the camera. As soon as he sees the camera, he gets all serious and I tell him no child of mine doesn't like the camera. However, the sun, weather, and Gabe were all in a fabulous mood and here are the results.

Freedom to explore

Farmer Gabriel

Part of this road trip took us to a covered bridge. I have seen beautiful covered bridges on movies but have never been through one before (at least not what my memory can recall). The bridge was fun and truly in the middle of nowhere. However this is where I turn into a old lady!! Dang kids have vandalized the bridge!!!! Inside was horrible graffitti and coffe cups - so disheartening. I am thinking that come winter, this covered bridge would be pretty to visit again when the snow has fallen.

Covered Bridge

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raspberries??? Gabe has your raspberries!!

So Gabe LOVES making raspberries and incorporates huge spit bubbles with it. He was doing this all night and I just had to record it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been awhile!

Weather is changing, I turned another year older, and we have had COMPANY!!!!! First, my best friend Crystal came and spent a week with us. She reminded me it has been almost two years since we have seen each other - way too long in my opinion.
Crystal and I at Young's Dairy eating lunch.

So while Crystal was here we shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. We went to The Greene, Dorothy Lane Market (DLM)-Crystal is a true foodie, the outlet mall in Jeffersonsville, and she helped me pick out a Halloween costume for Gabe. We laughed, cried, caught up, and I just loved every minute of her being here. We are the type of friends that no matter where we are in life or how long time has passed since we last spoke, we ALWAYS know we will be there for one another! Plus, we have such a closeness with each others parents, that I truly don't think we could ever not be friends. I value, love, and respect her parents as if they were my own parents.

One of the highlights of this visit was that Gabe finally met his Aunt Crystal!!!! Watching Crystal and Gabe interact with one another melted my heart. I miss her dearly and can't wait till she becomes a mom-what an AMAZING mom she is going to be!

After Crystal left (Nate took her to the airport which I was glad because that gave me a chance to cry and not in front of Crystal) I had two days to get ready for Nathan's visitor-his DAD!
Dene came and I tried very hard to have Gabe say Papa but he hasn't gotten to the "p" part of the alphabet yet :) Dene stayed for two days and really hope he will come back for a longer visit ;) Ms. Teresa couldn't make the trip and I was bummed because I wanted to get to know her better, but I know we will keep in touch through email.

So, the 1st day Dene was here it was rainy and didn't really know what to do. We went to lunch at China Cottage-which I must say that now I am not pregnant, this place has some GREAT Chinese food! We also took Dene to DLM-what can I say, Nathan and I LOVE this place. After DLM, the guys dropped Gabe and I off at the house for Gabe's nap. Nate then showed his dad around base, the hospital, and took him to the Air Force Museum for the Presidental Hanger.
Saturday came and we had a fun filled day!! We went to Clifton Mills for breakfast and then hiked at Clifton Gorge The rain disappeared, Mr. Sun came out, and it was an AMAZING day!! Our friends Shelly and Brandon came along and they really enjoyed the day as well.
Family photo in front of a waterfall.
Hiking along the trails and listening to the water, made me realize how wonderful God is!! To create something so peaceful and beautiful is just awe inspiring. I know Nate and I plan to continue to hike there. I really would like to go the day after our first true snowfall - I can only imagine what a sight that will be.
The entire time we were hiking, Gabe was smiling, laughing, and talking to nature. He is truly a happy baby (almost a toddler-sniff sniff) and loves being in the back pack carrier. When I noticed how quiet he had become I was kind of worried. This is what I found -
I turned 28 today and everyday I thank the Lord for blessing me with wonderful friends and family!!!

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