Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a Bird, a Plane, no! It's a Garden Gnome

I LOVE October! First it's the cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, my birthday, and finally Halloween. This year is extra special because this is Gabe's first Halloween. Now I know that he can't trick-or-treat and eat any of the candy but he can still dress up! So the search began for the different and funniest costume.

Searching on the internet opened my eyes to the thousands of different costumes there are. For example, the traditional lion , pumpkin , or a car freshener (yes I am serious). All of these were cute but they just didn't make me laugh or they weren't picture worthy-to me at least.

Well, when Crystal was in town we went to a Halloween store and checked out their baby costumes. I thought about doing Star Wars but since Nathan will not be here for this Halloween, I decided to hold off Star Wars for another year.

Looking through the racks we found a costume that made us laugh and just had to try it on Gabe. Boy am I glad I had Crystal with me! She gets and understands my humor and both of us agreed this is the best Halloween costume!

Gabe as a Garden Gnome

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