Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Road Tripping

Monday Nathan was working so Gabe and I took a road trip. It was supposed to be a group but miscommunication found Gabe and I on our own. Think it was meant to be because this was a day my heart will never forget!!!

Gabe laughing at the camera

Normally it takes a lot of work to get Gabe to smile for the camera. As soon as he sees the camera, he gets all serious and I tell him no child of mine doesn't like the camera. However, the sun, weather, and Gabe were all in a fabulous mood and here are the results.

Freedom to explore

Farmer Gabriel

Part of this road trip took us to a covered bridge. I have seen beautiful covered bridges on movies but have never been through one before (at least not what my memory can recall). The bridge was fun and truly in the middle of nowhere. However this is where I turn into a old lady!! Dang kids have vandalized the bridge!!!! Inside was horrible graffitti and coffe cups - so disheartening. I am thinking that come winter, this covered bridge would be pretty to visit again when the snow has fallen.

Covered Bridge

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