Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I looked and I am a week and 2 days late posting our menus...not that anyone may really care but none the less...SORRY!! However in my defensive A LOT of exciting and wonderful things have been happening in our neck of the woods - many that I still need to blog about. Until then, here is our meal plans for 14 days....if they are a new recipe I have posted them on FB under the group 2010-New Recipes for the New Year. One of these days I will learn how to create a really cool Blog page and have a section for recipes like my friend and fellow blogger The Bean. Enjoy!!

Week of 3/22/2010 to 4/4/2010
Mon (Parm. Pork Roast w/red potatoes)
Tue (Homemade Pizza)
Wed (South of the Border Chx & Pasta Skillet)
Thur (Undone Stuffed Pepper Cass.)
Fri (4-cheese Pasta Florentine)
Sat (Nathan's Stir Fry)
Sun (Jambayla)
Mon (Meatloaf w/Broc Chees. Cass)
Tue (Pesto Salmon w/pasta salad)
Wed (Chx lo mein)
Thur (Grilling)
Fri (Pork Tenderloin w/mac-n-cheese)
Sat. (Eat Out)
Sun (Thai Chx or dinner w/friends)

P.S. Have recipes to share with me???? Post in comment or if you are on FB (facebook) post them under the recipe thread I created.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Today has been a fabulous day! I did a 5K today and I am very happy and mad at myself. Happy because I got off the couch, walked the 5K up and down hills, and survivied - barely. Mad at myself for letting myself go.

Wanted to quit several times during the walk but two things keep me going. #1 - there was a woman who was much larger than me, in front of me, walking and not giving up. #2 - Nathan and I want more children and that requires me to lose weight.

So today lit the fire under my butt to get myself back into shape to get my body ready for a little brother or sister for this little guy...........

Gabe's 1st St. Parick's Day 2009

One year later - still smiling and being a ham!!

This child, who loves to laugh, throw temper tantrums, run, cuddle, be outside, dance to Lady Gaga and Blue Grass music, truly keeps me smiling everyday! We have been blessed to have such a fantastic child. Words are not enough to describe the joy I feel watching Gabriel learn and experience life - Nathan and I did good *wink wink*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want a facelift

for my blog - thought I was talking about myself didn't ya! ;) I just kinda jumped into blogging not to long ago and just created a page and went with it. However now that I am reading more blogs I realize that my layout is boring me and I need to learn how to create a more stylish blog. Found a cool site and one that I loved but then saw it was someone charging to make me a blog - no thanks! I believe that I am smart enough to create a blog for free.....so my fellow bloggers, send me comments on suggestions on how to create a cool blog layout...will keep the name "Come What May".

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahh!! Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here to stay - if you have ever lived in Ohio, you know not to get too excited with the first signs of Spring because it can quickly change over night and get snow in April!! However, this past weekend Spring has graced us and man I have missed her. February had been a rough month! For the enitre month we got snow every week, Monday and Tuesday were the choosen days. Think we got over 21 inches in one month and I truly started experiencing cabin fever and some winter blues.

However, Mr. Sun showed himself this weekend and WOW it was magical! Took Gabe out for walks, felt the grass (dead grass still counts in my book) between our toes, and it was only in the upper 40s and lower 50s!!!!! I laugh how I am now saying 40s are a heat wave and I wanted to wear short sleeves and flip flops...okay lets get back on track shall we.....

Spring Cleaning - yep I LOVE to organize, sticky notes, pens, and just making things neat and tidy. I have slacked very much this winter though becuase I, well, no real excuse I guess. So when we opened our windows, cleaned the carpets, turned on the music, and enjoyed the sun, I organized our pantry.

See I have fallen in love with Tupperware and when I say in love, I mean in LOVE!!! Yes I have turned into a dork. But this is one dork that has a pantry that is flippin cool :)
Before Tupperware
Tupperware Loot
After Tupperware - need a few more sets to finish
My little helper that decided playing
the Tupperware box was more fun!
Now my plans are to organize and finish the family cookbook and my own personal cookbook....yeah I LOVE Spring!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu March 1st - March 14th

So I was trying to get this posted yesterday but yesterday was family day and I didn't get around to it. So here is our menu for the next two weeks. Now if you are on FB (facebook) join the 2010 - New Recipes for the New Year and you will see all the recipes. If not on FB leave a comment if you would like one of the Recipes. Enjoy :) Have a FABULOUS Monday!!

Menu for March 1st - March 14th
1st Chicken Taco Soup,
2nd Stuff Pork Chops w/mac-n-cheese,
3rd Thai Chicken Stir Fry,
4th Pork Loin w/broc. cheese casserole,
5th Pecan Crust Talapia w/garlic green beans,
6th Country Chicken w/mashed pot.,
7th Parmesan Pork Roast w/salad,
8th Chicken Enchiladas,
9th Homemade Pizza,
10th Spinach Sausage Egg Bake,
11th Chicken Spag. Casserole,
12th Chicken and Sausage Maicotti,
13th Dinner Out,
14th Creamy Chicken Basil
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