Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I looked and I am a week and 2 days late posting our menus...not that anyone may really care but none the less...SORRY!! However in my defensive A LOT of exciting and wonderful things have been happening in our neck of the woods - many that I still need to blog about. Until then, here is our meal plans for 14 days....if they are a new recipe I have posted them on FB under the group 2010-New Recipes for the New Year. One of these days I will learn how to create a really cool Blog page and have a section for recipes like my friend and fellow blogger The Bean. Enjoy!!

Week of 3/22/2010 to 4/4/2010
Mon (Parm. Pork Roast w/red potatoes)
Tue (Homemade Pizza)
Wed (South of the Border Chx & Pasta Skillet)
Thur (Undone Stuffed Pepper Cass.)
Fri (4-cheese Pasta Florentine)
Sat (Nathan's Stir Fry)
Sun (Jambayla)
Mon (Meatloaf w/Broc Chees. Cass)
Tue (Pesto Salmon w/pasta salad)
Wed (Chx lo mein)
Thur (Grilling)
Fri (Pork Tenderloin w/mac-n-cheese)
Sat. (Eat Out)
Sun (Thai Chx or dinner w/friends)

P.S. Have recipes to share with me???? Post in comment or if you are on FB (facebook) post them under the recipe thread I created.

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