Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pizza Pizza!!!!

Tonight we had our friends the Yingling family over for Make Your Own Pizza night. They have three beautiful children and one on the way (December). The kids ended up not making it (went to mom/grandparent's house) so just John and Faith came. We had a blast making our own pizzas. Faith mixed up the dough, I made homemade sauce, and then we loaded it up with toppings - pepperoni, pesto, tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, bacon, chicken, banana peppers, and mushrooms. Mind you, not all these toppings went on one pizza. These are the toppings we had to use to make different pizzas. Faith also made these really yummy chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

What started this all, was me telling Nathan about when I was little we used to make our own pizzas and have pizza night. I don't remember how often we did this but I remember loving every moment of making our own pizza!! Then it hit me - I have a family of my own and we need to start making traditions. Even though Gabe is to little right now to enjoy pizza, I know one day he will think he has really "cool" parents when it comes to Pizza Night at the May House and all the many many traditions I have floating in my head!!

On a side note, one of my favorite things is watching Nathan curl his lip whenever I have idea (which to be fair to him....I have TONS of ideas :) ). Then once we do my idea, his response is "WOW!!! That was great". It melts my heart to see Nathan try something new for the 1st time and then tell me thanks. I like to call him my "old man" because he is usually first to disagree or grumble about doing something new and out of his comfort zone.

Overall, tonight was a great night with laughter, sharing stories, and making plans for this season FOOTBALL!!!! I truly look forward to making more traditions with Nathan and Gabriel (future children too)! P.S. sorry but I forgot to take pictures of the pizzas we made tonight. We were to hungry and the pizzas looked too good!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ice Ice Baby and My Baby

This past Friday we went to a free concert on base. The Air Force Band for Wright-Patt performed and they were GREAT!! Vanilla Ice - yes the one and only Ice Ice Baby - came and did a meet and greet. We all thought he was going to perform but he was there just to say hi, sign autographs, and take pictures.
I think Gabe had the best time showing Vanilla Ice his appreciation for doing the meet and greet. As soon as I snapped this picture, Gabe decided that the earring Vanilla Ice was wearing was a toy so Gabe started slapping Vanilla Ice upside his head - LOL. The whole time Vanilla Ice was saying "WOW he really likes me". Sad to say that as soon as I walked away I started laughing - thats my son for you.

Other news, Gabe is now "cruising" around the house. Nathan and I call it walking but the baby books call it cruising. 7 months has been a nonstop month for Gabriel. I posted before that he started the "army" crawl at 7 months 1 day old. Then two weeks later he was pulling himself up on whatever he could, toys, couch, chairs, and his crib. Now another week later he is pulling himself up and walking the length of the objects he pulls himseld up with. Everytime Nathan comes home he is just amazed at the new things his son does. We are beyond proud of Gabe.

We have started the "talk". When do we want another baby? Both of us want more kids but I look at Gabriel and think "how can I have another one and still give all my love and attention to him?" So I am praying and trying to listen to what God has to say.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save The Date!!!

I am super super excitied about throwing Gabe's 1st birthday party. Anyone who knows me, knows I highly believe in birthdays and think everyone should celebrate them. 1st birthday to 81st birthday all of them are special. So Gabe's birthday bash will be celebrated on the 20th of December. This gives family and friends 4 months to plan their drive or airplane ride up here. And YES I have the theme, decoration ideas, and cake all planned out. I went back and forth about making or buying his 1st birthday cake but thanks to the internet, I have found the cake I will be making. So until the 2oth, I am enjoying our Tub of Love or Chunky Monkey as we have nicknamed Gabe. LOL By the way, he has decided to sit up unassisted and pull himself up on toys, couch, and his crib.
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