Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save The Date!!!

I am super super excitied about throwing Gabe's 1st birthday party. Anyone who knows me, knows I highly believe in birthdays and think everyone should celebrate them. 1st birthday to 81st birthday all of them are special. So Gabe's birthday bash will be celebrated on the 20th of December. This gives family and friends 4 months to plan their drive or airplane ride up here. And YES I have the theme, decoration ideas, and cake all planned out. I went back and forth about making or buying his 1st birthday cake but thanks to the internet, I have found the cake I will be making. So until the 2oth, I am enjoying our Tub of Love or Chunky Monkey as we have nicknamed Gabe. LOL By the way, he has decided to sit up unassisted and pull himself up on toys, couch, and his crib.

1 comment:

  1. Wait! You need to spill the beans on the theme!!!!! I want to help!


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