Monday, July 27, 2009

1st Birthday Luau Style

On Sunday we celebrated Gabe's buddy, Price, 1st Birthday. It was also a going away party for the Michael family but I chose not to celebrate the moving to Guam part of the party. Anyway, I was so happy for Price. So many family and friends showed up to show their love and support for him. Terrell had family from Texas and family from Louisiana surprised her as well. Don had quit a few coworkers show. With some helping the laughter rise a few notches.
The food was awesome but the best part was to watch everyone celebrate, that a year ago, Don and Terrell had their 1st child. It was bitter sweet for me because Terrell and Price were Gabe and I's first friends in Ohio. It reminded me of the downside of the Air Force-once meeting wonderful people you lose them to moves. However I am hanging onto the hope that we will be able to go to Guam and visit them one day-Price will have to teach Gabe how to be an island baby. Happy Birthday Price!! Now its time for me to get my ideas rolling because in 5 months Nate and I will be celebrating our own 1st birthday party for Gabriel-woohoo!!!!!

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