Friday, December 30, 2011

37-39 Weeks

You are here!!!  Actually you have been in our arms for two weeks now.  However, before I get to your birth story and sharing your name, I am going to catch up on weeks 37-39 first.

37 weeks -
~Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Had a house full, amazing food, mini-bonfire, and felt very thankful to have amazing friends to spend Thanksgiving with.  I didn't get to do any in-store Black Friday shopping, which I really love to do.  I get in a lot of pain if I walk around too much so I decided it was best to shop online this year.
~We did however get our Christmas Tree.  We were going to go to a farm to cut down our tree but went with a tree stand that was closer to home.  Your dad and I thought this year's tree was the most beautiful one to date.  Your brother, at age 3, really got into picking out the tree and decorating it this year.  We had to make sure to give him shatter-proof ornaments, for he really loves to rearrange the ornaments on the tree.
~We also celebrated the 43d AES Children's Christmas Party.  The theme this year was Polar Express.  Everyone wore their PJs.  Donuts, pastries, as well as Hot Chocolate and Coffee were served at the party.  Then Santa surprised us all and took a break from the North Pole to make a visit at the party.  Your brother didn't want to sit in Santa's lap though.  He stayed in dad's arms and told Santa he wanted a Polar Express Train for Christmas.

38 weeks -
~Your dad and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  I did not want to do anything but just spend the day as a family.  Dad was able to take the day off from work and we did nothing.  It was fabulous!!
~This week was also the 43d AES Adult Christmas Party.  You decided not to come yet, so your dad and I dressed up and partied!!  It was a lot of fun, great laughs, so-so food, but overall a wonderful date night.  It is pretty awesome to be part of a Squadron that is able to and partakes in celebrating the holidays.

39 weeks -
~This week ended up being our last Dr Appt for me being pregnant.  We went in for a routine appt and ended up leaving knowing we were to be induced.  My BP that week was sky high, lots of shooting pain down the right side of my hip and leg, and blood work showed signs of Preeclampsia.  After much discussion with the Dr and your dad, we all agreed that being induced would be best.  How I really wanted to let you come on your own, but even my BP really had me nervous.  Wednesday came and off to the hospital we went!!

Up next is your birth story but till then here are some pictures from weeks of 37-39.

Your dad and brother listening to Santa reading a story

All dressed up for the Adult Christmas Party
38 week belly

End of the night....what a wonderful
night celebrating with your dad

Morning of being induced - 39 week belly
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