Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come and Gone

Nathan's grandparents came to visit! I must say I love his whole family and especially his grandparents. The Roots are a big family, loud, different, and I wouldn't have it any other way! The remind me a lot of my dad's side of the family. Papa and Granny were only here for 2 days but it meant the world to me for them to come and visit. I love the "distinguished" generation and there is nothing better than listening to your grandparents tell stories.

I especially love listening to Papa or Granny Root tell stories about the family (the whole family with distant cousins and all). I have only meet the immediate family (5 children with each having two children of their own-YEP a nice big family). One day I might be able to meet the distant relatives that seem to be over, TX, LA, ARK, and MS.

The Roots are planning a family reunion this coming summer and the more I think about it, I do hope we can make it - Nathan's Aunt and Uncles haven't met Gabe yet. Last time we were all together (except for Paxton, Jennifer, and their kids) we did the Root Reunion at Calloway Gardens in Georgia and I was pregnant with Gabe. Then the May side of the family is trying to plan something. As well as my parent's trip in April to Florida. Sheesh maybe we should transfer to Eglin and everyone can just come to our house on the beach.

Now off to pack I go! KC is where Thanksgiving is this year and goodness I can't wait. My grandparents, parents, brother (sure wish Rye could make it!!), Aunt and Uncle, with two of my cousins will be there! Plan is for Nathan and I to have two movie dates (New Moon and Blind Side), take Gabriel to Santa at Santa Land in Bass Pro (almost a year ago that my parents took Gabe to see Santa for the 1st time), and down to Crown Center and the Hallmark Store.

I truly love my family and Nathan's family. As nutty as some of them are, at least we have family!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No catchy title here....

So things have been CRAZY and partly do to the fact that I get myself involved way too much! Nathan left for two weeks for CCAT Training and has since returned.....there are not enough words to describe how wonderful it is to have my support person back home. Before he left I worried if I would be able to handle him being gone. Yes I know he was only gone for two weeks but this was the first time he has left me since we have become parents. However, I pulled myself up from the boot straps and realized that if my mom could do it for 28 years (Dad was in the Air Force) I can to!

Now when I say how lucky Nathan and I are as parents, we truly are lucky!! For the whole two weeks Nathan was gone Gabriel was amazing. Even when I thought he was being a pain it really was me and lack of sleep. Gabe just seemed to know that I really needed him to help me out while his dad was gone (yes I know Gabe is only 10 months almost 11 months old). So for those two weeks we kept ourselves extremely busy...explored new places, played in the leaves, rearranged the kitchen and living room, and bought party items for his 1st birthday.

Nathan has been home for three days now and I have been sitting back and watching him and Gabe interact with one another. I am truly one blessed woman to have Nathan as my husband and father of my child!! He has no problem changing dirty diapers, feeding Gabe, or even though he is super tired, getting on the floor and playing for hours with Gabe. Nathan, thank you and I truly love you!

As for Gabe's 1st birthday, it has been bittersweet planning. A new friend Leyna, has offered to create Gabe's video montage. I was going to create it but since I have never created one before and would like to play it at his birthday, I gladly and very appreciatively handed it over. Thanks Leyna!!! Another friend, Jen Pack, is a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I asked her help in creating Gabe's invites (I know evites, evites, evites, but I LOVE anything paper related-invitations, birthday cards, the list goes on!!). I am not going to show the finished product-yet-but will say they are FANTASTIC and made me cry!!! The tears were happy tears but also tears of how in the world has a year gone by already?????

Besides Gabe's birthday party, I am planning Shelly's baby shower (I am super honored that she is letting me throw her one!!), and going to have a open house on Christmas Eve-for our military family that can't go home.
What about Thanksgiving you ask?? Well, we are all meeting in Kansas City!!!! Just found out earlier today that my brother can make it as well. Wish his daughter (my fabulous niece Riley) could make the trip as well, but I know I will see her soon! Very excited that we are going home! Haven't seen my parents and grandparents since April and Gabe has changed so much...can't wait!
So to close this blog, I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know we still have two weeks left but there are a lot of things going on here in the next two weeks, that I will more than likely not have time to blog. God Bless.
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