Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are......

When I was teaching, one of my FAVORITE books to read to my class was Where The Wild Things Are. I truly have no idea why I love this book so much but I do! It is one of those books that I can't wait to read to Gabriel and share my love of children's books with him. That being said, Hollywood decided to make this children's classic into a movie. I remember the first time I saw the previews!!! I about came out of my chair with excitement and Nathan looked at me like What?!?! For whatever reason I was never able to go see the movie in the theatre.

Tonight, thanks to Netflicks, I finally saw the movie. Man it fell flat to my expectations. I just didn't get into the movie like I really thought I would. I found it boring and just plain blah. I have found this with many movies that have been made from a book. They tend to suck or just be yuck. I guess it's because I am such an avid reader. I mean, I have been known to finish a 300 page book in just one day. Twilight series (GO TEAM JACOB!!!) I finished those in 6 days.

I truly love reading and letting your mind imagine yourself in the story - as long as it is not one of my horror/scary books ;) Reading helps me escape from everyday life, sorrow, and often times can help me feel better or give me hope in love. As I am getting older I am finding myself opening my choices and reading just about anything.

Last book I just finished was The Shack - it was fantastic!! One that I would like to own and go back to reread periodically to truly grasp the meaning of the book. Next book on my list, Last Child In The Woods - thanks Lina for letting me borrow it!

So what movie from a book have you loved or really disliked? Any books you think are a must read for me?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And.....Take Two!!!!!

Man I just blogged this long blog to only have the computer freeze and lose the WHOLE Blog with pictures to boot!!!

So instead of rebloggin the whole thing I will say - Glee is on and I LOVE LOVE LOVE (have I mentioned I LOVE this show?????) show - last week I visited IKEA, Jungle Jims, and went to a Home School Convention. Here are the links for IKEA and Jungle Jims (my first time to JJ and WOW that place is awesome!). If you Home School, please leave comments on any programs you use for Early Childhood Educations.

Also, thanks for reading but blame my computer for my very funny, comical, interesting story not being posted.

IKEA Jungle Jims Home School Convention

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I will first start by saying, that this September, Nathan and I will be together 10 years dating with 7 years married December. Of all our time together, this was our first Easter to spend apart and man it truly sucked (sorry no other word fits for how I felt). He had to work, which I am not complaining that we have a job, money to pay bills, health insurance, blah blah blah, but just bummed because he had to work on one of my favorite holidays (next to Christmas and my birthday - what you didn't know October 14th was a holiday???).

As a Air Force Wife, one of my favorite sayings is "pull yourself up by your boot straps and move on". So I did just this and ended up having a wonderful weekend with Gabriel and friends. BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, Low Country Shrimp Boil (like a crawfish boil but with Shrimp and different seasonings), Church, Easter lunch, and of course, a visit from the Easter Bunny!! Sometimes your military family truly become your family and this past weekend I really felt loved by our military family.

Gabe's 1st Easter Egg Hunt - he found 3 eggs!
Was to busy shaking the eggs and dancing.

Yep another reason to lose weight
- man my face looks chunky
Along with a visit from the EB, Gabriel's grandpa in Mississippi
sent him filled Easter Eggs - one was Golden!
Easter 2009 - yes I dressed my son up as a EB and
no I don't feel bad :)
2010 - our little guy is growing up!
How I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Even though we didn't get to spend our Easter as a family, I am thankful for my continuing Faith as a Christian and thank God everyday for my husband and son!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Surfer No More....

and I cried!! Gabe finally got his first hair cut. I personally love his hair long but did admit that he needed a trim. Explained what I wanted but the end results wasn't quite what I wanted. Boy was his daddy happy though. I know it is just hair and the cut is really cute, Jennifer did a fabulous job, but gone is my little baby replaced by a little boy. I will say that with the new do I can see his blue eyes better.

Now with the new do, comes along new grown up attitude. Was on FB last night, looked up and saw Gabe using his fork to eat his Mac-N-Cheese. Then this morning, we were leaving to go to a friends house for Easter BBQ/Egg Hunt, and Gabe starts climbing into the car. I help him into the car but when I say okay get in the carseat, he climbs right into his seat, turns around to sit correctly, and just smiles at me. Yep he is growing up.

Before haircut - trying on one of his Easter Outfits
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