Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And.....Take Two!!!!!

Man I just blogged this long blog to only have the computer freeze and lose the WHOLE Blog with pictures to boot!!!

So instead of rebloggin the whole thing I will say - Glee is on and I LOVE LOVE LOVE (have I mentioned I LOVE this show?????) show - last week I visited IKEA, Jungle Jims, and went to a Home School Convention. Here are the links for IKEA and Jungle Jims (my first time to JJ and WOW that place is awesome!). If you Home School, please leave comments on any programs you use for Early Childhood Educations.

Also, thanks for reading but blame my computer for my very funny, comical, interesting story not being posted.

IKEA Jungle Jims Home School Convention

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  1. AGGGh, This blog is cursed. I just wrote a comment and erased it with that shift button somehow.
    I'll summarize-
    OMG,RACHEL! I'm homeschooling all three of the boys next year. I'm going to use ABEKA for Jackson, (I think). And for the little ones, I'm gonna do the montessori method.
    There are several sites, blogs and youtube videos that give ideas and how-tos on montessori activities.
    I also just ordered some fun stuff from Lakeshore (they're having a sale!)
    I've never been to a convention, but am thinking about going. Did you get anything out of it?


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