Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are......

When I was teaching, one of my FAVORITE books to read to my class was Where The Wild Things Are. I truly have no idea why I love this book so much but I do! It is one of those books that I can't wait to read to Gabriel and share my love of children's books with him. That being said, Hollywood decided to make this children's classic into a movie. I remember the first time I saw the previews!!! I about came out of my chair with excitement and Nathan looked at me like What?!?! For whatever reason I was never able to go see the movie in the theatre.

Tonight, thanks to Netflicks, I finally saw the movie. Man it fell flat to my expectations. I just didn't get into the movie like I really thought I would. I found it boring and just plain blah. I have found this with many movies that have been made from a book. They tend to suck or just be yuck. I guess it's because I am such an avid reader. I mean, I have been known to finish a 300 page book in just one day. Twilight series (GO TEAM JACOB!!!) I finished those in 6 days.

I truly love reading and letting your mind imagine yourself in the story - as long as it is not one of my horror/scary books ;) Reading helps me escape from everyday life, sorrow, and often times can help me feel better or give me hope in love. As I am getting older I am finding myself opening my choices and reading just about anything.

Last book I just finished was The Shack - it was fantastic!! One that I would like to own and go back to reread periodically to truly grasp the meaning of the book. Next book on my list, Last Child In The Woods - thanks Lina for letting me borrow it!

So what movie from a book have you loved or really disliked? Any books you think are a must read for me?


  1. I read "The Blind Side". I read it before seeing the movie as well. I loved it, but I did skim the parts where they were just talking about football facts/history unless it had to do with Micheal Oher's story. So much more in the book of course. VERY GOOD! I started "The Shack" and now I want to finish it.

  2. I just loaned The Shack to my sister. It IS a good book. Have you read NIGHT yet? It's also very good. I think you'd like it.
    I'm about to read The Giver. I have to read a bunch of Newbury books this summer for my Children's lit cours. ( choice) Any suggestions?

    The Notebook is the only book that I can think of that has even COME CLOSE to the book.
    And the first Harry Potter. The other movies have been a bit disappointing,but still good.

    When do you plan on going back to teaching?

  3. About a month ago I watch my Sister's keeper and have to say that one took the ckae for me. The book made me cry at the end and the movie was just blah, blah, blah. They even changed the ending!


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