Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Been a Month....Oh What a Month

It has been a month since I blogged. I tried to blog a couple of times but I have been never felt like I had anything worth while to say or when I did, I didn't know how to get the words to flow from my brain, to finger tips, to the computer. I guess I just needed a sick kid and a sore throat of my own to get me blogging again. So here I go.....all the while wishing I drank because a shot of whiskey could really help my least that is what my grandmother has told me before.

This past month has been the most emotional month for me! I have been the happiest and the saddiest in this month than I have been in a long time. Think I will start with the happiest....we took a family vacation to Pensacola and Destin, Florida to visit family. Nathan's mom and grandparents live in Pensacola and it was wonderful to see them for a few days. Then we drove over to Destin to camp with my parents in Henderson State Park. For those of you who have never been to Destin, you must truly go!!! The water and beaches are a slice of Heaven. In the past we have always stayed at various condos along the beach but this time my parents pulled their 5th Wheel down from Louisiana and we went camping. It was AMAZING!!!!

This was Gabriel's first time camping and he did fabulous! What surprised us the most is how he did not freak out by the beach and ocean. Mom said she was expecting for Gabriel to be scared by the overwhelming newness of the sand and water but not Gabriel!!! He played and played, for hours in the sand. He did make my heart stop a couple of times when he would take off running into the water and try to "swim" with the waves. The hardest part of this trip was saying goodbye and going back home to Ohio.......however we had such a wonderful time that mom is looking into camping again at Henderson next year :)

Then comes the saddest part of this month....we have received offical orders to move. Yes I know I am an Air Force Wife and moving is one of the conditions but man these orders just break my heart!!!! One reason is I am not ready to leave Ohio. Nathan and I have really made a home here and we LOVE this place. When I first moved here I was pregnant, knew no one, and was stuck indoors several months because just gave birth and it was winter.

However Spring came and two years later I have the greatest group of friends that I have had in a long time. These women are so unique, loving, funny, smart, and I am just not ready to leave them yet. Not to mention Gabe and I love, LOVE our playgroup!!!

Nathan was accepted into Aeromedical Evacuation and I am very proud of him!!! I didn't think he would get in so soon with what rank he is and the fact that we have only been here in Ohio for two years. With this new career we knew we would be going to 1 of 4 bases - Scott (St. Louis), Germany, Japan, and Pope (N.C.) I joked and told Nathan that I will go anywhere with him except Pope. Well people, always be careful for what you say or it will come and bite you in the arse!!!!! Our orders are for Pope aka No Hope Pope (not my nickname but a nickname I have been told by countless people when I am reading/researching about Pope).

So there I said it...I am sad, slightly depressed, and don't want to go. Tomorrow I truly have to get over these feelings, move out from underneath the dark cloud that is over my head, and find POSITIVE things about Pope. I started an amazing Girl's Group which has also lead into a great PlayGroup so I can do it in Pope...right?!?! Maybe this is why we are going to Pope....God wants me to help change No Hope Pope into...........yep I need my friends to help me come up with a positive nickname.......


  1. High Hopes Pope!!!!! If anyone can do it, Rach, YOU can. Although I must admit that I am very sad and more than a little afraid that I will become a hermit when my activity planner leaves. :(


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