Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Surfer No More....

and I cried!! Gabe finally got his first hair cut. I personally love his hair long but did admit that he needed a trim. Explained what I wanted but the end results wasn't quite what I wanted. Boy was his daddy happy though. I know it is just hair and the cut is really cute, Jennifer did a fabulous job, but gone is my little baby replaced by a little boy. I will say that with the new do I can see his blue eyes better.

Now with the new do, comes along new grown up attitude. Was on FB last night, looked up and saw Gabe using his fork to eat his Mac-N-Cheese. Then this morning, we were leaving to go to a friends house for Easter BBQ/Egg Hunt, and Gabe starts climbing into the car. I help him into the car but when I say okay get in the carseat, he climbs right into his seat, turns around to sit correctly, and just smiles at me. Yep he is growing up.

Before haircut - trying on one of his Easter Outfits

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