Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahh!! Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here to stay - if you have ever lived in Ohio, you know not to get too excited with the first signs of Spring because it can quickly change over night and get snow in April!! However, this past weekend Spring has graced us and man I have missed her. February had been a rough month! For the enitre month we got snow every week, Monday and Tuesday were the choosen days. Think we got over 21 inches in one month and I truly started experiencing cabin fever and some winter blues.

However, Mr. Sun showed himself this weekend and WOW it was magical! Took Gabe out for walks, felt the grass (dead grass still counts in my book) between our toes, and it was only in the upper 40s and lower 50s!!!!! I laugh how I am now saying 40s are a heat wave and I wanted to wear short sleeves and flip flops...okay lets get back on track shall we.....

Spring Cleaning - yep I LOVE to organize, sticky notes, pens, and just making things neat and tidy. I have slacked very much this winter though becuase I, well, no real excuse I guess. So when we opened our windows, cleaned the carpets, turned on the music, and enjoyed the sun, I organized our pantry.

See I have fallen in love with Tupperware and when I say in love, I mean in LOVE!!! Yes I have turned into a dork. But this is one dork that has a pantry that is flippin cool :)
Before Tupperware
Tupperware Loot
After Tupperware - need a few more sets to finish
My little helper that decided playing
the Tupperware box was more fun!
Now my plans are to organize and finish the family cookbook and my own personal cookbook....yeah I LOVE Spring!

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