Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Blogging will come back soon.....promise.  I am going through some health issues right now that 1-not ready to share yet 2-taking all of my energy and 3-nothing serious but still has me worried.

However, I had to blog this funny story.  I realized I was out of diapers for said 21 month old kid.  Pulled myself together just enough to make a Target run.  How I have missed shopping at Target!  Haven't been in a MONTH....bank account has more money too hehehe.

Okay sorry, back to the point.  So after picking up the diapers we detoured to the DVD section.  I am feeling guilty for making Gabriel go to a sitter even though my health requires it right now.   We have never really allowed Gabe to watch cartoons or TV but since hubs is gone and my feet are up, Disney's Play House is on...a lot!  So tonight I decided to get him another Mickey Mouse DVD.

Browsing the DVD section, told Gabriel to look for Mickey and as soon as he spots "Mouse" let me know.  Next thing I know he lets out this high pitched scream....not one but two very high pitch long screams.  It scared the bejeezus out of me!!!  Made this grandparent age couple jump out of their skin.  Why the scream?!?!?!  Gabriel found Mickey.....man there is never a dull moment with my son. 

Target run ended with diapers, Mickey Mouse DVD, and a book for me.  After the Mouse scream of 2010 I might have to change his birthday theme.........

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