Friday, August 19, 2011

1st was our "Butter-Bean" and now it's our "Peanut"

Sheesh!!! May 26th was last update from me.  I am back and have some good reasons why I have been gone for almost 3 months......Deployment, Possessed House, Terrible 3's, 7 state visit in 2ish months, and.....we are expecting our "Peanut" come December!!!! 

1st - Deployment
This is our 1st deployment and man has it been an adjustment.  I am used to Mr. May always working shift 12-14 hour days, weekends, holidays, and many TDYs but this deployment has been a true learning experience.  Throw in me being pregnant with Peanut and the glorious (read with a snort) Hyperemesis I get when pregnant.......yeah I am glad to say we are in the home stretch of the deployment being over.  I really wanted to blog about life as a wife and mother during deployment but I just didn't have the mind or strength to do so.  Maybe I could do a recap but we will see. 

2nd - Possessed House
Yeah this is a long story and results in us making the decision that when our lease is up come January we are out of this house.  Another move and just after having a baby, but I will offer pizza, beer, and yummy goodies...thinking positive we will get help to move :D

3rd - Terrible 2/3's
So Gabriel is little over 2.5 years old and man he thinks he is going on 13!!!  He can have me bending over with laughter, true amazement with his letters, numbers, coloring, singing, then a switch is flipped and he turns into the incredible hulk....minus the green.  We have had it "easy" since he was born so I guess our time was due to experience headaches LOL!!!

4th - 7 States in 2ish Months
Gabriel, Peanut, and I have become little state travelers the past 2ish month (almost 3).  Due to a funeral, mini vacation to Atlanta Aquarium, and being so sick, going home to stay with family and friends.  We are back home now and plan to stay awhile.  Once pictures are uploaded plain to do a quick recap of or 7 State Adventure.....what an adventure it was!

5th - Peanut
Yes this one brings me the most joy!!!  Mr. May named Gabriel "Butter-Bean" when we found out we were pregnant because the u/s picture really looked like a tiny Butter-Bean.  2nd pregnancy we never got a chance to create nickname due to the miscarriage.  This pregnancy Nathan had the honor again of picking out another nickname and he came up with "Peanut".  Not sure why but it has stuck. 

We know we are having a boy, his ETA is December 17th, and we do have a name picked out but keeping that to ourselves until Peanut has arrived.  I toyed with the idea of not finding out the sex but my curiosity won out.  I am almost 23 weeks and feeling like a million  I truly wanted to do weekly Blog updates about Peanut and I's journey but when you are sick with Hyperemesis, so many things are thrown out the window.  However I am past that and will start this Sunday when we are 23 weeks. 

I want to say thank you for the many emails I have received asking if I was okay or wishing me to come back.  I enjoy Blogging.  Many things have happened in the world, friendships, or just life in general that I wanted to Blog about, but just truly lost my "Blogging Mojo".  While gone I have been doing a lot of thinking (which sometimes is never good with me HA!).  Think some changes are due with the Blog so hope you come back, read, and share your thoughts!!  I know I have missed many of the Blogs I follow and look forward to catching up.

Taken when I was almost 15 weeks

All My Blogging Love,
Come What May!!

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