Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Ultra Sounds, and now Hurricane!!!

I have a feeling either Mother Nature forgot to take her happy pills or August is mad because we all are ready for Fall!  Either way what a week this has been.  Week started off with a Shake, Rattle, and Holy Crap this is an Earthquake here in NC.  Move on to a truly wonderful Ultra Sound.  Then to conclude with getting ready for Hurricane Irene. 

In the midst of the crazy hormones of Mother Nature, I have been cleaning one room a day.  I mean on hands and knees scrubbing, cleaning base boards, throwing out junk or making donation bags, etc.  I wouldn't call it nesting but more of Mr. May will be home soon and I don't want him to think I have sat on my butt eating donuts this whole deployment ;) HA!  While scrubbing the living room floor (a 2.5 yr old and 9 yr old Boxer really can make a mess of hard wood floors), it gave me the chance to brainstorm........

Here are some of things I need or want to finish within the next few months -
1-Get Gabriel's big boy room set up and decorated.......this means to actually go shopping which I truly truly do not like to do!
2-Get out baby items from storage to wash, check batteries, bottles, etc.  That would be nesting since I really have time but really would like to get his room ready.
3-Make a few Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Wreaths/Decorations.  I have been googling nonstop and have some really cute wreaths I want to make.  I really love when people share their ideas because I am not the person to come up with creative ideas on my own.  Thank goodness for Blogs, FB, and Google.
4-Bake and freeze some meals for Mr. May's return and arrival of baby in 4ish months.

Those are the main ideas on my brain right now.  Of course the list does go on and on but starting with 4 and going from there.  Hope the rest of you all have had a fabulous week!!!  Just can't express how excited I am that Fall is around the corner.  My pregnancy hormones and the Summer heat have not been nice to me.  Besides with Fall comes decorations, apple cider, pumpkin patches, and lots of baking.  Oh yes time to go craft some wreaths!!

Well #5 on my mind...wish I could have one of these
right now to go along with Hurricane Irene

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