Tuesday, March 27, 2012

**Life and Blog Under Construction**

For months now I keep sitting down in front of this Blog of mine, trying to muster up a Post or two.  Posts about our life's adventures, story about our newest addition, new recipes, etc.  However every time I sit down, my heart just isn't into it.  When I log in, my brain turns to mush, and I just sigh.  Sigh because I didn't know where to start.  Or like I said, my heart just was not into this Blog.

So I took a huge leap back and decided to do so much needed "looking into the mirror".  I often find myself doing a quick check in the mirror to make sure that I am still on the path I want my life to going.  When I looked in the mirror (many times I would just sit there and talk to myself...crazy I know, but try it....you just may realize it works!!!), I realized I was unhappy with myself for getting off track.  Off track with exercising, not putting my marriage first, saying "yes" to things when I really wanted to politely decline, letting this Blog become something I really didn't want/support, and many other things.

With that realization, I made a plan.  A plan to do some much needed maintenance on my life.  I began first by writing down goals for myself, writing down what is and isn't important to me, and I read a few books (some for fun and one as a self-help form of book).  The "self-help" book I read was A Place Of Yes by Bethenny Frankel.  She lays out 10 rules you should live your life by.  Majority of the rules make sense (for me) and I am giving them a shot.  So far, they seem to be working.

Ten Rules
(by the way, I honestly suggest to read this book.  Even if your life's path is right on track and everything is wonderful, you may just realize there a one or even a few cracks.  Trust me, read it...then come back and let me know what you think.)
1-Break The Chain
2-Find Your Truth
3-Act On It
4-Everything's Your Business
5-All Roads Lead To Rome
6-Go For Yours
7-Separate From The Pack
8-Own It
9-Come Together

With all this being said, I feel like I really have a direction for this Blog.  Shoot a direction for my life!

When I first started Blogging I jumped on the band wagon of trying to Blog everyday, designing the Blog to be "commercial" like, and as the saying goes "keeping up with the Jones'".  Which this case the Jones' are fellow Bloggers who are serious about Blogging, do it for money, their business, etc.  That is awesome for them but it is just not what I want, at this time at least.

Sitting back and looking at my Blog I realized I truly don't care if I have 3, 68, or even a few thousands followers.  I don't need a Blog outline of what to post each day of the week.  One of the biggest realization was, I just want to Blog for myself.  Blog about what I think is important.

Case in point, I know I said I would post about our newest bundle of joy's birth story, but I'm not.  That is something I don't want to share to the Internet.  I will tell friends, in person, if they ask, but that is a story I want to keep in his baby book for our family.

Within the next week this site will be undergoing a face life.  Well, I'm hoping it will only take a week HA!  I lost my notes on how to change and format things on this Blog so I am relearning how to design.  I plan to post about only about things that I love, have interest in, or thoughts floating around in my head.  I'm really happy to be back on the path I want to live and look forward Blogging.


**Bethenny does not know me.  Nor did I get paid to mention her book.  It has just made a impact on my life that I thought to share.  Image taken from Google**


  1. Truly, I think that blogging for yourself is the way to go. I think that we are the most raw and honest... and (dare I say) entertaining... when we blog freely.

    This post is an inspiration, friend!

  2. Good for you!! My blog has been sitting untouched for far too long too. I want to do it. But I get so far behind that I feel like I need to play catch up instead of just starting over and starting in the present. *sigh*. Doesn't help that I'm so busy with work things (which is good). One day.

  3. Thank You Ladies!!!
    Sunni - I totally agree. I truly enjoy your Blog and being able to stay in touch since we don't live there anymore.

    JenPack - I do miss your Blog but thank goodness for FB and your mad picture skills!! It feels like we live in the same town sometimes. It is AWESOME how much work has taken off for you. Love what you have been creating.

  4. I dropped mine way back too awhile back. Now it's just for family and friends to keep up with us "joneses" :)


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