Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 - New Year....Wonder what it will bring!

Our little man will be 6 weeks this coming Friday and I still haven't wrote about his birth or announced his name.  I am trying to give myself some credit and realize that within the past 6 weeks we have went from a family of 3 to a family of 4, celebrated 2 birthdays, a fabulous Christmas, moved into a new home, and are just about out of boxes (well the house is but garage is another story).

As well as the many joys our family has been blessed with, there have been many heart aches as well.  Some heart aches I am still trying to recover from, others I'm not ready to Blog about, and the major realization how we as humans truly take things for granted.

With all the huge changes, I have put my goal of being a better Blogger on hold for about another week or so.  For one of my goals for this new year is to be better organized.  I used to be AMAZING at being organized.  But with the combination of quitting work, first born child, and laziness creeping its way into my life, my organization skills went on a major vacation (cough cough....3 years).  However not any more thanks to a new home, feeling like my kids are ruling the house, and Pinterest.  Yes Pinterest!!

I finally jumped on the band wagon of Pinterest and it has inspired me to get my crafty self back and get majorly organized again (and never let it go...never).

So until I finish one more house organizing project inspired from Pinterest, I will be MIA for a little while longer.  How I hope people are still sticking around this little Blog of mine and we reconnect shortly.  Till then, hope you all had a FABULOUS Christmas, your New Year is off to an amazing start, and know that if you have already broken one or all of your Resolutions (I call them goals), its okay.  Pick yourself up and get back on the horse with your Resolutions aka Goals!!

For it's not the fall that defines you....its how you get back up that does!

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