Monday, May 21, 2012


Well SOS is two things right now....SOS for my Blog.  I haven't logged in since last time I blogged and today I see Blogger has upgraded, made changes, and I still can't get my lay out to fit correctly.  I think I have decided to create a new Blog link and learn how to combine or transfer this blog into the new one.  Feel it will be easier than trying to "fix" all the things I want to change about this Blog.

Another SOS was Old Man (my husband whom I have given this nickname a long time ago HA!) graduated from SOS.  It is a 8 week long Officer leadership school in Alabama (I think it means Squadron Officer star for this Air Force wife!! HA).  Part of our amazing military family watched the boys so I could fly down to AL for the graduation.  Then Old Man and I drove back to NC with a pit stop in Augusta, GA.  It was our first time in Augusta and we had a blast!!  The area is full of history, beautiful homes, neat downtown area, and I think if it didn't get so blasted hot, I would consider living there.

Here are some pictures from our weekend at Old Man's SOS Graduation and our night stay in Augusta.  Happy Monday!!!

My MIL, Old Man, and Me after the Graduation

Oh so very proud everything he has accomplished so far!

The fabulous Neon-Sign in Dreamland BBQ
(everyone truly should try Dreamland BBQ at least once)

View from our room in Augusta

Part of the river walk area

How I feel about my picture taken LO!!

Where we stayed - perfectly romantic after being 
away from Old Man for 8 weeks


  1. Augusta looks amazing! I'm going to take full advantage of F's SOS training to get a vacation like yours ;)

  2. i wish you were here so that we could sit on the couch, eat brownies and tinker with our blogs together. :)


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