Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Face

It is no secret that I have some of the oiliest skin on the planet!!  It is hereditary.  Along with the oily skin I also deal with acne.  Not the Proactive photo enhanced (IMO they are enhanced) red bump acne but just normal acne.  I really hate it and wish I had clear skin or clear enough, even tone skin, that I could go without make up. 

I have tried every over the counter face wash, lotion, etc and nothing seems to work.  One morning I woke up and decided that I had enough.  I know I will always battle acne and oily skin.  However I don't want to spend my money on products that are not or do not work.  I went to the mall with my aunt and grandma, sat my butt down at the Estee Lauder counter, and asked for help.  Looking back I must have looked ragged because the lady did a full on make-over treatment and I left with a bag full of goodies. 

Here are some of the things I am currently using to help fight the acne, oil, pores, and reddness.  I have been using these products for about 3ish weeks now.  With the face wand, about three days.  Products listed with ** are next on my list to buy.

Treatment for Oil, Acne, Pores, Reddness, and Tired Eyes -
#1 - Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
#2 - Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
#3 - Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator **When I was getting my make over at the counter, my dark circles lessened with this treatment.  However they were sold out so it is next on my list to buy.  Have three friends who swear by this!!
#4 - Sparkling Clean Mattifying Oil-Control Lotion
#5 - Sparkling Clean Purifying Mud Foam Cleanser
#6 - Oil Absorbing Rice Paper Tissues with Rice Powder By far the best oil blotters I have ever used!!

Face Wand -
#1 - Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System When I was at the Estee Lauder counter, the Rep used another machine on my face.  I saw immediate results using the wand to wash my face vs. hand/wash cloth.  However the wand she used was almost 200 dollars and I knew could not afford it at the time.  Past few weeks reading my magazines, I have seen articles and reviews for the Oil of Olay Face Wand.  Well for $30 I decided to give it a try.....I am very pleased with it as well.  It has two speeds and comes with a replaceable head.  It is water proof for the shower.  As of now it does not have special heads to use like the $200 face wand does but for $30 it works great!!

Yes I know some of you or maybe all of you are seeing the $$ for some of these products.  I felt that way to when I went to swipe my Debit Card.  Not everyone can afford this.  But I am turning 30 in 2ish months and just tired of seeing my face looking like a hormonal 13 year old.  So I budget to afford these products.  One thing I can say about the products listed above, it only takes a pump or squeeze to lather or cover my whole face and neck.  It is has been 3ish weeks and all of the bottles look like they have barely been touched.  This is fabulous because I know I won't be buying these products monthly!

My next mission is to find a nice foundation.  Please comment if you use products that you swear by and would like to share with me and fellow readers. 

    **I am NOT getting paid to share these products with you nor do these companies have the slightest idea who I am.**


  1. Thanks for the advice on products. I need to head over soon and get some new skin treatments, but I'm thinking of waiting until once I have baby. My skin is a disaster right now and hopefully, will somewhat go back to normal. I've always loved Lancome, but I can try Estee Lauder out!!

  2. I completely understand! I have been using Lancome products since my mid 20's (I'll be 36 this year) and I can visibly see the difference with my own skin and others my age. I told Doug when I married him that my makeup/skin care and pedis were ALWAYS in the budget :)

    ps - I love your disclosure.


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