Sunday, September 4, 2011

25 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
Well this has been one emotional week.  To make a very long and painful story short, I will say this - I had my very furst UTI and Kidney Infection.  These two issues took me to the ER twice and then landed me in the hospital.  First time ever being admitted (hospital visit delivering your brother doesn't count) and I was scared.  After 9 bags of IV Fluids and Antibiotics, I am home now.  I am on a week's worth of oral antibiotics and Tylenol 3 for pain.  I go back this coming week for more blood work, another ultrasound of kidneys, and hopfully be given a clean bill of health.   

The time spent in the hospital had me wishing we were closer to family because I really could have used my mom.  Wishing your dad was not deployed but understood this sometimes happens.  Even with the wanting of my mom and your dad, I also found myself thankful for my military family.  Thankful that I can call them up at 2am to take me to the ER or 3am the very next morning and ask them to watch your brother because I am being admitted.  So as scary as this week has been (how I pray you and I never go through this again) I am thankful.  I was shown this week that not only do you have two parents and a brother who love you dearly , but you also have a military family that love you like you are on of their own.  Life in the military may not always be easy son, but I promise you will never be alone!  That was made very clear to your momma this week.  107ish days to go till we get to meet you!!

With All My Love,

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of Baby -
Head to heels, you should measure about 13 1/2 inches. Weight, about a pound and a half.

Weight Gain/Loss -
I think maybe a few pounds in belly area.  Jeans are still loose in legs but getting tight in belly.

Maternity Clothes -
I think my regular jeans are about to be put on the shelf.  Unless I remember to buy a belly band!

Gender -
Our fabulous boy

Movement -
You have dance moves that Elvis would be jealous of! You are still most active at night and love to have dance parties on my bladder.  Love feeling you move but maybe we could move off my bladder ;)
Sleep -
This week has been really bad for sleep.  However I am trying to nap more.

Cravings -
This week nothing bad or crazy.  Just steak and crab cakes! HA!
Symptoms -
My very first UTI and Kidney Infection.  The pain that comes with a UTI and Kidney Infection are truly indescribable.   My heart goes out to women who experience UTIs and Kidney issues often!
Best Moment this week -
-1st was watching the Nurses and Dr's laugh over how powerful you already are.  Your kicks, punches, etc are so strong that they had to sit in the room and hold down the stress test paddles onto my stomach.  For even the straps were not holding them in place.  One Dr. was surprised when he laid his hand on my belly to check for pain and you kicked his hand off.
-2nd is getting the message from your dad that he will be home soon.  Can't say the date but Peanut "soon" is amazing!

This Week's Activity -
All online shopping and bedroom furniture has stopped in order to get the house ready for daddy's arrival!!!  Your brother and I thought we still had about 2 weeks left till daddy returned home.  However "soon" has us scrambling to clean, stock fridge, and few "Welcome Home" decorations.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about you having to be hospitalized. It is scary. Oh what these babies do to us...but it's worth it in the end. Hang in there!! We don't have long now and your hubby will be home to help ;-)

  2. Super glad the hubs will be home "soon" but sorry to hear about the infections and hospital time. If you were still at WP you know I would have watched G for you! I'm on antibiotics for a UTI myself so I feel for you. Granted I have no symptoms but, from what I've heard, that makes me very very lucky.
    And I totally agree with this line: "Life in the military may not always be easy son, but I promise you will never be alone!" I feel like I need to use this in my next blog post because it is so incredibly true.
    <3 and miss you!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!! @Kati - oh I am sorry for your own UTI. I wouldn't want to wish this on my worst enemy (if I had one HA!). Miss you all too!!


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