Monday, September 19, 2011

26 and 27 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
My sweet love, sorry I am writing to you two weeks late.  However I due have a wonderful excuse...your daddy is HOME!!!!!!  After getting out of the hospital, he called to say his replacement showed up early and he would be home a week early.  I did really well not getting overly excited but it was truly the best news ever.  Daddy arrived home on the 7th.  Since his arrival we have bought your brother his new bedroom furniture, bought a new SUV (our wonderful Sorento just wasn't going to be big enough once you arrive), slowly but surely rearranging the rooms and playroom, and best of all just being a family again.  All we need is you but please wait till December!

As for my recovery from the UTI and Kidney Infection, I am all healed.  The day after daddy came home I had my follow appointment with the Dr.  Best part, besides being cleared, was your daddy finally able to see you!!  The Dr. did the ultrasound which resulted in a very in depth ultra sound.  We were educated on all your heart valves, brain stem, spinal fluid, spinal cord, my kidneys, etc.  By all medical purposes you have been given a clean bill of health with a small warning.  You might end up being a big baby!! Your brother was born at 8lbs 6oz and the Dr. predicted you will at least meet that.  Of course this is just a prediction but your dad and I just giggled. 

You are already making your daddy laugh.  He can't get over how fast I run to the bathroom to pee because of the wonderful gymnastic moves you practice on my bladder.  Nor can he get over how strong your gymnastics moves are.  Whether it is the Dr feeling my tummy or daddy you really like to let us know you are in there and doing just fine.  But oh sweet boy, my bladder could use a break....just saying! 

I probably won't be able to write you this coming Sunday for we are going to go explore Charleston, SC.  Which means I will hopefully get to eat some yummy crab cakes I have been craving lately.  I do promise not to be two weeks in writing to you either though!!

With All My Love,

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of Baby -
This week, you should weigh almost 2 pounds (like a head of references make me giggle and have a better idea on how big/small you are).  You are also about 14 1/2 inches long with legs extended.

Weight Gain/Loss -
Being sick did not help for I have lost another 5lbs.

Maternity Clothes -
We had a tease of Fall weather temps this past weekend and made me realize I need to go shopping.  A fabulous friend mailed me maternity clothes which have been a huge help!!

Gender -
Our fabulous boy

Nursery -
-Your room is being done in Vintage Airplane Theme.  Super excited to decorate and even have a few items already for your room.  Will share when room is complete.
-Your brother is also getting a new room.  We are doing his room in Vintage feel as well.  However it will be decorated with Vintage Trains.

Movement -
You can't make up your mind if you want to dance like Elvis or have future plans to win a Gold metal in gymnastics.  As much as my bladder would love a break, it is amazing to feel you.

Sleep -
I get about 2-3 solid hours of sleep when I first go to bed but then after that it is hit and miss.  Your dad says I have developed hyper sensitive hearing because I wake up at the smallest sounds. 

Cravings -
Chocolate Cake, still Crab Cakes, and Steak.....did go out to eat for the steak and it was fabulous!!!

Symptoms -
Thankful nothing serious.  Just frequent heartburn again.

Best Moment this week -
-Your daddy's return!!!
-Your daddy finally able to attend a Dr appt and seeing you for the 1st time!

This Week's Activity -
Finish rearranging the Playroom, your room, and your brother's room.  Then mini vacation to Charleston, SC.

Love the look on your brother's face just watching daddy talk.

True unedited picture of your mom....
happy tears washed away all make up!

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