Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless {Wordful} Wednesday

Changing it up this Wednesday in honor of Oprah.  Since finally getting DVR, I have be able to watch Oprah.  When I was working I never made it home in time to catch her show.  Then had Gabriel and when he naps I try to nap, clean, or have me time, and Oprah never fit in there.  I have seen some shows through out the years but it really hasn't been since the "Count Down" that I really paid attention.

Yes I know there are fans, FANS, and haters of Oprah.  I don't know where I fall but I do know I give her serious respect for the thousands of people she has touched and made a positive impact on their lives.  The last few of hers show have made me bawl, want to be a better mother, and more importantly, applaud her for the wonderful things she has done.  Yes I know some say she is not a believer in God or that she is just "too" popular.  Majority of the negative comments have no matter to me because I don't know her to judge her.  I only know the Oprah you see on TV and the thousands upon thousand of women, men, children, students, mothers, and fathers she has reached.  By the way, today was her last show.  She even address the "God" question...her response...I believe in the God you believe in.  The G-O-D God. 

So in honor of Oprah here is what she has taught me........
1 - Know that you ARE enough just the way you are.  No one has the right to tell you you are not worthy.  Raise your daughters and sons to know their worth.  Know that they are enough just the way they are.  If they want more in life GREAT.  Go after it.  But never let any one put you down, beat you down, verbally put you down.  Because you are worthy.  **Darn well better believe I will raise Gabriel and whatever future children we have to know they are worthy.  Oh so dang worthy!

2 - Take responsibility for your self, actions, and what you give in their world.  If you are not happy no one is to blame for that but yourself.  Change it.  But own up to your faults and take responsibility for your actions.  **This hit home because I have been in a huge funk.  No one to blame but for myself.  Besides I don't like living in a funk and try very hard to hardly ever be in a funk.  I have friends who live in funks.  They complain but yet honestly do nothing to change it.  They don't take responsibility.  Blame others and live in their self-pity.  I have been living in a form of self-pity past few weeks and man it SUCKS!  So no more.  Things are changing and the funk is out there door.

3 - Find your purpose in life, accept it, and be the best at it!  **I know before I had Gabriel I had HUGE dreams of getting my Masters, getting Nationally Certified, and wanting to travel and even live over seas to teach.  Well things change and some of the dreams have been put on hold or even let go.  Some times I struggle with being a "Stay At Home Mother".  But right now this is my purpose.  I truly love staying home, teaching Gabriel, cooking for my family, being a wife, and who cares if people don't get it.  This is MY purpose at this time of my life and I LOVE it!!!  Well, maybe I don't love the cleaning part we will deal with that later.

Now as I am writing this, many of the things I wanted to write about are slipping my mind.  Should have taken notes HA!  So I will end with the one that has stuck with me the past week.  It is a huge one.  One I believe more humans need to do.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, doctor, lawyer, or person cleaning toilets...........

4 - Have love and warmth in your eyes when you see people. 
**I am taking this to heart with Gabriel at the moment.  I miss his dad.  I miss that man so much I truly didn't think it was possible to miss someone this much.  That loneliness has creeped into my heart and has made me bitter.  Not very bitter but some days I feel it more than others.  So every morning before I go into Gabriel's room, I let out all the bitterness, pray to God, and when I open his door I walk into his room singing, dancing, and have nothing but pure joy and love in my eyes for this amazing child. 

You know what, I have seen the difference.  I FEEL the difference.  Yes there are times where it is harder to do than others, but every time I see his face I make sure to pure every ounce of love I have for him in my eyes.  Why???? I want him to know he is worthy.  The saying is true "the eyes are the windows of our soul".  Children know this more than adults.  Maybe because they are so young and innocent.  But my child needs to know that I love him.  I will practice this on friends, strangers, and in several months my husband.  You just never know when the person you look at just might need to feel loved and know they are worthy!

Thank you Oprah for the few months you were in my home.  More importantly, thank you for 25 years of inspiring, encouraging, loving, fun, laughter, and making people's lives better.  I know things change and this is a change you need in your life but man I do wish at 4pm my DVR will turn on to record your show.  May God continue to Bless you! 

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  1. Great piece here. You should email this to her site. I fully agree with what you said.


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