Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Dress - Mindful Monday

December 6, 2003 is truly one of my all time Top 10 Days of my life.  A day where my last name changed and my heart was wrapped in such intense joy, love, and happiness ever since (add in few tears, heartbreak because that is what real love is....loving, getting hurt, but always fighting your way back to love). 

I searched for a few weeks for the "perfect" dress.  The dress where we will only wear once.  Some may dream that one day your own daughter would wear the same dress on her wedding day.....I wore my dress for a few hours, quickly changed out of it, hit the road for a weekend trip to Hot Springs, AR (both Nathan and I were in college so we were very limited on budget for honeymoon, he had finals the next week, and I had to walk across the stage for my diploma). 

Rocket forward (truly can't believe we will celebrate 11 years this Sept. since we have been together) to today.  8ish months short of celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  I have not worn the wedding dress since, it has been shuffled between 4 moves, and until this weekend, it sat in back of the spare bedroom closet. 

Till today.....A friend told me about a Blog where you can send in your wedding dress for donation.  The donation of your wedding dress, will then be turned into small gowns for babies and children who have died.  Your wedding dress that helped you look even more beautiful on your wedding day, will be able to help babies and children be buried in something beautiful. 

I knew in my heart that this was something meant for my dress.  Especially after losing our baby at 10.5 weeks (miscarriage) I couldn't help but think of what sorrow you would feel when picking out an outfit to bury your child in.   

So I have boxed up my dress and will ship it off this afternoon.  My dress is in honor of our own loss and friends who have lost their own precious babies.  I would gladly pull out every wedding dress I could to just be able to bring some form of relief and joy in a time of such sadness and grief. 


  1. Amazing Rachel! I know Lisa and ky friend Aimee will feel blessed with this donation. I'm going to pass your blog to Aimee who will hopefully pass it to Lisa. THANK YOU!

  2. Wow wow wow. You are one lovely woman.

  3. Ashley and Bekkielynn - my heart did pause and go are you really giving the dress away??? But that last just a few minutes because I know a small part of the grief of losing a child. So it just feels like the right thing to do you know?!


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