Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patio Furniture Redo

Tip Me Tuesday I try to share craft projects I have created or ones I find in Blogger World that I love.  Today I am sharing my latest project.....Iron Patio Furniture Redo.  We are renting our house and the owners left this 3 piece White Iron Table and Chairs set.  It was in bad shape.  As in rusting, missing a few nuts and bolts, and part of of the table is broken. 

All over Blogger World I see people using Spray Paint to recover or redo furniture, picture frames, etc.  Thats when I decided I wanted to try my hand at Spray Paint.  Called the landlord and she said I can do whatever I want with the table since a friend was supposed to collect before the move.

Their lose is my gain.  I now have the patio set on our back patio.  Slowly turning a small section of the patio into my flower pot garden area.  I will admit that I jumped feet first into this project.  I went to Home Depot, bought Spray Paint that I liked, came home, and spray painted the furniture.  I did zero prep work and the pieces came out great!

Here are the pictures.....Enjoy!!

Before with the spray paint I used

Before and After of the Chairs

Left table white because I couldn't make
up my mind if I wanted to go all Black
or a fun color. 

The final product

I decided to go with Purple for the table.  The red, blue, and white pots have my herbs (basil, lavendar, and mint).  Green Pot I am still brainstorming on what I want to plant inside of it.  Pot on top of the table did have my pink blooms but the storm that blew through this past weekend blew off all the blooms. I am also thinking about painting the pot on the table a different color as well!!  The red pot used to be a brown color.  

The paint I used

Do you have a Tip Me Tuesday project you would like to share?  If so, make sure to leave a comment and link below.  Would love to see what you have created.  Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. Super cute! You did a great job. I have one thing that I make, but I haven't ever made a 'how-to' post... thought I should! Here is the link: http://courageisnotanimage.blogspot.com/search/label/wreath

    Lacey @ courageisnotanimage.blogspot.com

  2. Oh Lacey I LOVE it!!!! I tried to comment but don't see a comment section on the post. If you get to a how-to-do post let me know. I think I would like to make one!!

  3. Rachel, the patio set turned out wonderfully! Love it!!

  4. Great job on the patio set!
    My one project right now is my recipe book. I bought some peel and stick photo pages to get inside a 3 right binder. I printed all my pictures of the recent recipes I have tried. My plan is to type up the recipes in some cute format and then put the picture below it. Then I'll have the recipe and a picture together. :)
    I'm just starting but I'll share a picture when I get the FIRST page done.


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