Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Boxes

I have a FANTASTIC mom who works with AMAZING people.  So much that if I could do the work they do, I would consider working again.  They are fun, supportive, hard working, and for years I have loved my mom's job and job peeps.

Mom will shoot me an email and ask about recipes or craft ideas for various work events.  Today at her work they are sharing Valentine's Day Cards and she wanted something creative to give out.  I immediately passed along some Blog sites that were using the cute $1 Mail Boxes from Target.  She loved the ideas and created some of her own.  Here is what mom created!!

The BEFORE picture

The AFTER picture

Mailboxes came from Target $1 Bin and the bases came from Hobby Lobby.  I know her work peeps will LOVE them, I do!!

**Feel free to share or use this idea.  Just share the love and link back**


  1. Now I see where you get it from!
    Great job, Mom! :)

  2. I love these! These are so cute and creative!

  3. Ladies she did do a great job! Thanks for commenting :) I bought 3 mailboxes and nit sure how I am going to use them yet but for $1 each you can't go wrong!!


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