Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Wrap

This year was really fun celebrating Valentine's Day.  The holidays do change when you have children in your life to celebrate with.  They only get better to celebrate IMO.  Since the move I have yet to find the big box with my Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day decorations.  So I was limited with things to decorate since I am hoping to find that box!!
Here are a few pictures of how we celebrated our Family Date Night In for Valentine's Day. 

Our Dessert - thanks to Jamie for
the great idea.  Especially since
I still can not find my VDay
cupcake liners.

Candy Poster - Huge hit with Nathan!

Our VDay Place Mats
Last week Gabriel and I painted.  I then traced and
cut out the hearts.  Gabriel was too busy playing
with his new Woody Doll.  Big hearts my artwork.  Little
hearts Gabriel artwork.

The Dining Room - really need to find a mantle
to hang on the blank wall.

Nathan reading his 24 Ways I Love Thee
While Gabriel is counting.

The How Do I Love Thee
Center Piece

Lastly, the yummy treats that went to work
with Nathan. 

Dinner was Chicken Spaghetti since I wanted to try it one more time and change a few things to our families taste.  Also want to say thank you to the Dating Divas for their awesome website where I found great inspriations for this year's Valentine's Day.  I have their button on the left side of my Blog and I hope you check their site out!!

**Feel free to share or use this idea.  Just share the love and link back**


  1. I've done the candy poster a bunch of times, and seen it everywhere lately! Great idea! It NEVER gets old! :D

    Ah! Now I am craving chicken spaghetti! yummy!

  2. Yeah they are every where at VDay it seems. Since I had never done one before that I would give it a go. It was a success :D

    Isn't Chicken Spaghetti fabulous!!

  3. You are very creative!! Too cute. I really wish I had the crafty-creative gene in me ;-) (My mom and my sister have it, not me).

  4. Oh Lala you can do it! Just look at the design of your Blog! Craftiness is super easy and even easier when bounce ideas of friends!


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