Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mustard Chicken

This recipe is adapted from my mom.  I have yet to learn how she makes it and hers is ten times better than mine.  Until I do here is how I make her Mustard Chicken - Enjoy!!!

Mustard Chicken
-One package of skinless boneless Chicken breasts (mom uses Turkey Tenderloins)
-1-2 Eggs (Scrambled)
-Dry Seasonings for Flour (I use garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, and slight Tony's)
-2 Bottles of Turkey Gravy (even though I am using Chicken Breast I stick with Turkey Gravy)
-Mustard (Yellow with option of Spicy Brown or Grey Poupon)
-2 cups of Rice

-Cut Chicken Breasts into strips (if I have time I pound them out but normally forget that step)
-Drudge Chicken into Egg and then into Flour (sprinkle flour before hand with seasonings.  I usually go by smell.  As in add enough spices until the flour smells great)
-Fry Chicken in oil until golden brown on all sounds and cook through.
-While Chicken is cooking cook your rice (usually minute rice here for time)
-When Chicken is finished lay on plate and drain oil from pain.
-Dump the gravy into the pan and start adding the mustard.  I add mustard until it tastes like Mustard Gravy.  Usually just plain Mustard unless I have another Mustard in frig. 
-Once the gravy tastes the way you like add the chicken back into the gravy.  Simmer on low to reheat chicken and gravy.
-Serve Mustard Chicken over Rice. 


  1. YUM! And I haven't been ignoring you. Your blog just popped back up into my updates. It had been missing for weeks. Wierd.....

  2. No problem Sunni!!! I have several Blogs that are not showing up in my list lately either. Not sure if it is Blogger or just alot of internet traffic lately.


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