Monday, January 3, 2011

Some great finds today

I follow some great Blogs that follow great Blogs so on and so on!!  Here are a few of my favorite finds today.  What is it about having a new house that makes you want to be ubber organized and decorate?  I mean we have been living in a Town House which is a house but this time we get a free standing house and it really feels like a house...well I hope it does when we move in!

1 - Hot Glue Gun Helpers....technically it is on Etsy but I found it through a Blog.  What I want to know is why in the world didn't I invent this?  Especially with all my blisters over the years. -

2 - Mailbox Job Card AWESOME are Bloggers???  Went to Target today and in the Dollar Section are all of these mailboxes.  Super cute, only a buck, and I couldn't figure out how I would use them to justify buying them.  Then comes this....another trip to Target tomorrow!

3 - All Because He Ate His Cabbage.....I truly LOVE unique and beautfil ways to display photos.  This is something that I have never seen before.  In the new home we have a very long hallway from the front door and I am considering doing this -

4 - Weekly Menu......I plan our menus out two weeks at a time.  I truly hate grocery shopping and would to plan a month at a time and cut by grocery shopping time even more.  This idea is super cute.  Not sure if it would work for me but I still love it!

5 - Wall Art.....I know I will be copying this idea.  I already have several of the items!

There are my Tuesday Finds!  If you have a Blog about food, photography, or crafts that you just love, leave me a comment and share.  If you go to any of these site please let them know I sent you and leave my Blog for them to see.  Happy Tuesday my fellow Bloggers!


  1. Hello and Thanks for the shout out for Hot Glue Gun Helpers! My name is Cathie and I am the person who created them! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog - it's comments like that that inspire me to write more. Coconut oil 101 will be coming up soon! (keep checking!) Just so you know, when I click to reply to you in my email it doens't take me anywhere and I checked on your blog to find a contact and still couldn't find anything so that is why this is quite a long comment! (could add a contact pg on your blog maybe?) Also I'd love to see pictures of the items above! You could put the link right under the picture. Your blog is so cute!!

  3. Selina - Thank You for your comments! I am slowly learning my way on how to add buttons and especially the contact me button. I was super tired last night when making this post that I even said Tuesday Finds and Happy Tuesdays...yeah it was Monday. I will add pictures and especially a contact me part!

    @Cathie - I LOVE your invention and plan on buying one as soon as we get moved and settled in. I know my fingers will thank you to!


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