Friday, January 7, 2011

Ohio, you have been FABULOUS!!!!

This week has been packed with "see you soons", packing and cleaning house, inspection of the house (which we passed but not with out a dang fight...why can't people just use common sense), dinners with friends, and now today is the day we leave.  Nathan and I have truly made Ohio feel like home and we will honestly miss this place.  We were talking last night in bed and I find it sad for people who don't give this area a chance.  Is it the #1 place to live I doubt it but who really knows what the #1 place is! 

But with all the area parks, museums, small towns, and big cities, Ohio really has it all.  Besides all of that I have truly made some of the best friends!  Lost some along the way, learned that some I didn't need in my life, and disagreements with some, but worked our way through it.  I will truly miss my Girl's Group but I will rely on FB, Skype, and the fact that this is the AF.  You just never know when you might run into each other again!!!

Well hubs is telling me to move so I must go help pack the car.  We head to North Carolina today with a over night stop in West Virgina.  I might be out of touch for about a week or so.  Happy Blogging Friends!!!

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