Sunday, January 2, 2011

Layout needs and our Fabulous Sunday!

I am wanting two things right now with my Blog.  I want at the end of each Blog posting to have the section of You May Also Like.....AND.....I would like different sections at the top of my Blog for my Crafts, Recipes, Organization, and regular everyday Blog postings.  Yep those are my two goals to figure out how to do.......suggestions????

We had another great day here today.  Went to breakfast at our favorite place - First Watch.  Went with the Walkers and we truly love this family.  Wish we could take them with us, I will settle for their ADORABLE daughter even. 

Then I went to The Container Store (thanks to Mrs. Walker for telling me about this store awhile back) and IKEA.  The Container Store I truly could have gone bananas in that place.  The only thing that held me back was, well two things - A-we are moving and everything we own are in boxes waiting on the moving truck (tomorrow am!) B-I don't know what I will need for the new house.  Thankfully I asked one of the workers and there is a Container Store in Raleigh (hour away).  So I put many things back on the shelves and settled on a few things (will post under Organization...once I figure out how to have the different section).

When I finally made myself leave TCS, I headed to IKEA.  I have talked about IKEA many time before so will spare you another boring post about IKEA.  I will just say that IKEA made me proud again.  As well as, will post what I bought once we move.  For now the items I have bought are staying in their boxes until we move.


  1. Rachel, you can add "pages" to your blogger site in the design section. It will do simple navigation (no fancy tabs, unless you design them and put in the HTML yourself) to different pages on your site. Or the links can go to "tags" for posts that are all recipes and so on. I can tell you more later on. Feel free to give me a call when you are messing with it and I can try and help.

  2. Oh I don't understand some of that but count on me calling you soon!!! Plus I miss your voice and want to catch up. Thanks friend!!!

  3. Know that I will be keeping an extra eye on bean until you guys move. Hahahahahaha! And I just figured out a couple things that I added to my blog. I might be able to help out some.

  4. Rachel, where did you find your header?! I've been on the hunt for something simple, and I'm having a hard time. Also, what program did you use to place your picture in there?! Sorry for all the questions...

    Shelly, I saw your "tabs", can you show me sometime?!


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