Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday - WOOHOO

Oh Friday how I love thee!!!  Why??? It is move in day.  I have been second guessing ourselves about the house we picked to rent.  Nothing major but little things that have been stuck in my mind and are leading to big worries and stress.  Hubs left super early this am to get to house and meet the movers.  He texted and said "Babe, this house will become home, and it has a lot of potential". 

After reading that I am determined to throw out any worries over the place, unpack, decorate, and make it a home.  That being said, he also mentioned that he has not set up Internet yet...sure cable is but not my Internet.  I really think he did that to keep me focused on unpack...little turd bucket is what I say!!! LOL

With today being Friday I wanted to start doing Flashback Fridays or maybe Fashion Friday.  Yes I know have zero fashion sense but I can post what I see/love in a magazine and share with readers.  With the hopes of my readers helping me find these fashions at lower cost and suit my body style.  However, I am supposed to be moving out of TLF right now and instead find myself on the computer (okay maybe my Turd Bucket does have a valid point after all......), I won't do Flashback Friday today. 

Instead I will give you a fellow Blog friend who I love to read.  Her Blog is simple, sweet, and yet many of her posts find a way to touch me.  It is through her that I am "copying" Flashback Friday.  Plus her latest post "Love Me" flows with my post yesterday!!  Which by the way I will post a picture of my white board after it is unpacked.

Happy Friday and please check out - Still Blooming

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  1. Awe! You are awesome! Thanks for the shout out. I'm so glad the 'Love Me' post is touching so many hearts. :)

    I'm excited about your Flashback (or fashion)Friday posts!


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