Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 16th - Jan 22nd Menu

Oh boxes are everywhere, my kitchen is just about done, the play room is finished, and we are using the neighbors Internet....yes bad I know!  Taking a break from unpacking to make out our menus.  I will keep this going each week since we have nothing to eat by us but a McDonald's and Wendy's...belch.  I hope to post the menus biweekly but for sure weekly.  As well as posting on a Saturday or Sunday (the latest) to help others making their menus for the week.  As always, share your menus to keep the food inspiration going!

Sunday - Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!!!!
D- Lasagna with bread and salad

Monday -
L-P&J Sandwiches
D-Left over Lasagna

Tuesday -
L-Grilled Cheese w/ Ham, Fruit, Chips
D-Cowboy Sandwiches

Wednesday -
B-Eggs and Biscuits
L-Chicken Nuggets w/Apple Sauce and/or Veggies
D-Mom's Roast

Thursday -
B-Sour Cream Pancakes
L-Left over Roast
D-Basil Chicken

Friday -
L-Turkey/Avoc. Sandw. w/chips
D-Home made Pizza Night

Saturday -
B-French Toast
D-Chicken Spaghetti

Sunday -
B-Fruit Smoothies
L-Left over Chx. Spag.
D-Salad Night

Some of these meals I have not posted recipes yet.  Will soon though.  Happy Sunday!!

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