Thursday, January 13, 2011


Valentine's Day is just a month away and it is one holiday Nathan and I have never really celebrated.  Not a scrooge but we truly try to have romance and love in our relationship every day...just ask some of our friends about our "White Board".... ;)  Don't get me wrong, Lord knows we get on each other's nerves, I wish him at work sometimes when it is his day off, and we have disagreements, but we always find our way back to each other....always!

Sunday is Mr. May's birthday.  32nd Birthday to be exact.  I am a HUGE believer in birthdays.  Always have been (except this past totally was not my month) and pray I always will be.  I have kind of forgotten that his birthday was coming and I like to blame the move, new city, TLF, and the list could go on and on but in the end I should not have forgotten. 

Last night over dinner I asked him what he want/needed for his bday.  Him being a man went into this long story of what I could do for him (will spare details for any readers I may have under the age of 21) and I laughed, food came, and he never really gave me an idea (or an idea that he knows I will go through with!). 

Here we are this afternoon waiting for him to come home for lunch and he sends me a text saying we never finished his birthday discussion.  Girls you know what he texted me?????

Mr. May - I just want you to bring me a cup of coffee and tell me that you are still madly in love with me"
Me - Oh babe I can do that over and over for the rest of our lives!
Mr. May - That's all I need.....babe!

See ladies this is why I love this man.  Just when two weeks of being off our routine, living in TLF, my head on an endless spinning cycle of how to organize, decorate, paint, etc, I get a text like that.  Lord I love this man!

Now go out and buy yourself a white board.  I promise you will thank me!! Happy Thursday


  1. Awww how sweet! What is your whiteboard?

    Ted and I are the same way. At the end of the day we are all about us. Lots of cuddling, kissing, and talking. Ted hates Valentine's Day and we rarely celebrate it. He thinks it's all about marketing and people use that ONE day to show their love and appreciation. He thinks men and women should do that everyday! I agree with him. We do use that day as an excuse to go out to dinner though but we take our kids with us :)

    Now that the kids are older and more self sufficient we can focus more on us without the interruptions and added stress of caring for two small babies. It's not easier by any means, but it is nicer. People, newsflash, Marriage is HARD. Even the marriages you see where people make it look easy, trust me, they work very hard at it. Am I right, Rach? :)

  2. I agree!! Any time you have to blend to different people with their owns thoughts and beliefs it will be hard. However the reward is really fantastic if you just keep working on it.

    Our white board is just that...a white board. We write notes (ranging from clean, fun, flirty, naughty ;) and draw pictures at times to...that is more Nathan than me!! ). Just a way to communication when one of us won't be home that day.

  3. Awe! How sweet! The hubs and I keep dry erase markers in the drawer in the bathroom, and we always write little notes to each other. In the beginning it was all lovey dovey, but it has gotten to the point where it's more like 'remember to take out the trash'... We need to get back to the romance of it all... :D

  4. We use our iPhones for that LOL Love the idea though, we're going to do it!

  5. Sweet!!! The white board is a really good idea!! I think I might just put one in our bedroom/bathroom. Just for us to see ;-). (Not like we have many guests here, though. LOL.


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