Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th Day of Christmas

Tonight we had our Key Spouse Christmas Party and it was fun.  Had some yummy food and came home with an adorable 2010 Christmas Photo frame.  We played the White Elephant/Secret Santa/50 Billion other name game.  Had to steal because many of the gifts that were being opened I didn't care for until the frame.  Sorry Michelle!!!!  Nathan came late because of work and ended up leaving early because of Gabriel.  Something happened in the room with all the kids and Gabriel just wasn't happy.  So Nathan took him home so I could do the gift exchange. 

The party had some pregnant Key Spouses and it was bitter-sweet.  Sweet for them to be celebrating their pregnancy and sharing the news!!! Bitter for me for this week we would be finding out what we were having if we were still pregnant.  Earlier today I was watching the new show The Talk.  Part of the show they were talking about people who become Foster Parents and then adopt their Foster Children. 

I have such strong admiration for people who adopt!!!!  I know so many people want to experience being pregnant and the whole having a child of your own.  But when you read the statistic of how many children are homeless or in Foster Care here in the United States it breaks my heart!!!  Besides, I have HORRIBLE pregnancy!!!  Hyperemesis sucks.  There is no way to describe the pain, sickness, and wanting to die or not be pregnant anymore.  Then feel beyond guilty for having these feelings but unless you go through this pain no one has the right to judge.

So I go to bed tonight thanking God for giving us Gabriel.  But I pray for wisdom, an open heart, discussion with the hubs, and for God to lead us on the right path for another child.  I want another child.  I have always thought about adopting or becoming a Foster Parent.  Blood doesn't matter to me because blood doesn't make you a caring or loving parent.  Blood is just blood.  Nathan will talk some with me about the adopting/foster route but he has many hesitations.  So I will wait till we move and get settled in before we sit down and really talk about what we want to do.  Till then I continue to Pray for God to show us the right path and that my husband and I listen to what God is telling us to do!

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