Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6th/7th Day of Christmas

With added bonus of our 7th Wedding Anniversary!!!  Celebrated with babysitter for Gabe, GREAT Sushi, Harry Potter, and a wonderful night of laughing and memories.  Today is the 7th Day of Christmas and just another great day too.  I truly believe finding the positive in everything, surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and people, but most importantly, do things that bring joy to you.  Today has been full of joy so far!!  Here are pictures to share the joy.

Saturday night, went to a Christmas Card Party
These are the two styles I made!

Sunday night I tried to get son and dog to take a picture together
for this year's Christmas Card.  This and the following is what I got.....

Out take #4

Think this is #10 so I gave up.....
found something on computer to use!

Camera goes away and I get this....all smiles

Then it was time for a break

Sushi Heaven

7 years married, 10 total. 
Life is wonderful with him as my partner!!

7th Day of Christmas - Train or Choo-Choo Ride
as Gabriel said the whole time.

Checking out his ticket

Rode like this the whole time!! 

Rockin the baby legs

I turn into the weird aunt who loves to pinch cheeks when
I get this smile!!!

This month has been so wonderful so far!  Especially since we just realized that in 10 years this will be our first Christmas with zero family to celebrate with.  However, we are choosing not to dwell on it and making our own family traditions.  I am just thankful beyond words that hubs will not be deployed this year during the holidays!

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