Sunday, December 5, 2010

5th Day of Christmas

Yes!!! Finally our family Christmas cards are ordered but sorry no sneek peaks.  You will just have to look inside your mailbox or via my Blog after they have all been mailed.  Now let's move on to our Advent celebration.

This is my first year to actually make a Advent celebration list that involved a child who is old enough to do arts and crafts with his momma.  Below is our list and I am so excited!  This time of year was my favorite year to teach because of all the arts and crafts I did with my students.  It feels like a little piece of who I was before a mom has come back with planning all the crafts.  Don't get me wrong I don't want to go back to who I was before becoming a mom, I just have moments of missing my students.

1-Christmas Wreath for the front door
2-Christmas Family Pictures
3-Uppercase Living Party/last GNO at our home
4-Christmas card list and order the cards
5-Christmas movie night (which ended up being a christmas movie day)
6-Celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary
7-Mall Train Ride
8-Key Spouse Christmas Party
9-Read Christmas Story
10-Bake cookies for the Medical Cookie Drive
11-The Greene Christmas Tree with hot chocolate
12-Family Ugly Christmas Party
13-Plate Cookies for Medical Cookie Drive
14-Art Project-Christmas Wreath
15-Ginger Bread House and Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa
16-Gabriel's 2nd Birthday Party
17-Art Project-Christmas Tree Photo and family celebration for Gabriel's birthday
18-Art Project-Candy Canes
19-Art Project-create our own wrapping paper
20-Clifton Mill Lights
21-Build a snowman
22-Art Project-ornaments
23-Bake Jesus' birthday cake
24-Bring goodies/treats to all IPTS units
25-Celebrate Christmas and the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ

**These can change due to weather and hubs work schedule**

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