Friday, December 3, 2010

3rd Day of Christmas

I really love my groups of girls here!!  We all pitch in to celebrate birthdays, new births of a child, meals when one is sick, and so much more!  Tonight was the last planned get together at our home before we move in January.  I had a Uppercase Living Party tonight ( and then "Associate with an Open House" and select Rachel's Open closes this coming Wed family and friends).

Lisa is a consultant for UCL.  As well as being a Air Force Wife and mutual friend of a friend.  I had never heard of the company before but like everyone else seen the vinyl wording/pictures sold at Hobby Lobby or Target.  However the UCL designs, wording, and pictures are better quality and thousands of ideas (yeah I really think there is at least that many ideas!!!).  So now I am going through the catalog trying to figure out what I would like to order for a house that we don't live in........did I mention how many items they have?!?!

As the night was coming to a close I realized that I was so busy talking and catching up with everyone that I forgot to snap a few pictures of our group and of the new recipes I made for the evening.  God has truly blessed me with an amazing military family here in Ohio.  I am truly going to miss these ladies.  But I plan to enjoy and cherish our last month here in Ohio and make the best of the time that is left!!!

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