Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 of Christmas

Today we had some pictures taken for our Christmas cards.  I swear somehow after becoming a mom I find myself running late for the most important things!  Knew we were meeting at 4 but we were 20 minutes late.  Then called 6 people for them not to answer or not have the photographers phone number.  By the time I finally got a hold of her, I was in tears from being flustered, embarrassed, and worrying that we were not going to get some shots in.  However, Shauna was beyond understanding.

Now I have a child whom I love dearly but often joke that he is not my son when it comes to pictures.  The kid REFUSES to work with a camera.  Oh he loves to say cheese and pose but as soon as he sees your finger press the button he freezes with this horrid look on his face.  However, we were blessed because Gabriel was full of smiles, cheeses, and even some dance moves LOL.  I truly was worried that being out in 30 degree windy weather that we were going to get nothing. 

For now, I am trying super duper hard to be patient for the pictures to get back to us.  Until then I am beyond thankful that Shauna was available to take some pictures of us and that she got so many smiles from Gabriel.  Now off to Shutterfly to truly finalize my Christmas card choice.  Oh, sorry no pictures to post because don't want to give away our Christmas card before I have had the chance to mail them!!!


  1. I am hoping that we have the same luck! Congrats! Make sure to post the pictures after Christmas is all over! :o)


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