Sunday, December 12, 2010

10th/11th/12th Days of Christmas

This weekend went by so dang fast!!!  I am trying to slow our pace and enjoy the time we have left here in Ohio, but don't think time is hearing me.  Plus, we are off on some of our Advent plans but that is okay. 

Friday was the 10th Day of Christmas and I truly don't remember what we did to celebrate.  Do know we tried watching Nemo again and goodness Nemo is finally a hit.  Gabriel gets so excited over the fish and they are now called "his fish".  Each day this kid gets funnier and funnier!

Saturday the 11th Day of Christmas - we went down to Bass Pro to get our yearly photo with Santa.  Gabriel didn't cry but he wanted zero part of sitting in Santa's lap.  Instead Nathan knealed next to Santa while holding Gabriel.  Hubs took a great picture....Gabriel not so much.  Then we took our time playing in the Santa Land and watching all the fish in the tank.  We have been wanting to try this restuarant called Maggiano's for awhile now.  Still didn't make it that day because of a late breakfast at Tim Hortons.  Maybe one day I guess.  Ended the trip with some shopping at IKEA!!!  I feel like I have to buy everything in sight because the closes IKEA will be five hours away once when we move.  We picked up several things for Gabriel's birthday and made plans to come back with out Gabriel.  We really want to take our time and buy some home organizing items for the new home.

Sunday the 12th Day of Christmas - today was the day of cleaning, laundry, and prepping for our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.  The weather some how missed the memo of our party and prevented over half of the guest list from coming tonight.  Then spreading like wild fire is a 24 hour bug too.  Even though the party was majorly small we still had a great time.  Some great laughs, amazing food, and several "ugly" sweaters. 

2010 Santa

2010 Annual May Christmas Party -
"Ugly" Christmas Sweater Party

The girls in their Ugly Sweaters

Corrie and JR - winners of the Ugly Sweater Contest

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  1. I remember the day the kids finally fell in love with "Nemo." That was the first movie Ted and I ever saw together. He had gone with me as friends one day with the two boys I nannied for. That was our special movie and we hoped our kids liked it too. Of course, they do!

    Love the ugly sweater photos!!


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