Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

What a great one it was!!  Expect for Nathan missing Halloween again for the 2nd year in a row.  As the saying goes "Duty Calls"..........

We kick started the weekend by taking my niece and Gabriel to see Mickey Clubhouse Road Show Live!  This was Gabriel's first Stage show and for the most part he LOVED seeing his Mickey!  However word to all mothers....if the show starts at 12 which is also the time you feed your child lunch, don't forget this important fact.  Gabe started to get cranky and for the life of me couldn't figure out why.  Then it hit me, the poor child is hungry!!!!  Quick trip to concession stands for some French Fries aka Fried Rice by Gabriel and he was ready to rock and roll!!  Again I will post pictures and a short video once we get back to Ohio.  The correct cord to my Sony camera is 900 miles away. 

Then Halloween day.  I have been looking forward to this day for over a month!  I didn't take Gabriel trick-or-treating last year because he was only 10 months old and Nathan was gone.  No way was I doing Gabe's first Halloween alone.  I don't even remember what we did for Halloween.  I think for the first time I shut off the lights and may have went to bed early. 

This year we are with my parents while Nathan is at training.  Yesterday was special because my parents had both of their grandkids to take Trick-Or-Treating!!! Riley was a adorable Dorothy while Gabriel was dressed as a Golfer.  We tagged along with my friend Jennifer and her family.  Just had a fabulous time.  Except that this morning I am scratching my face and arms from dang mosquito bites.....yeah I am in Louisiana!!! LOL

For the most part Gabriel did wonderful!  Couldn't get out Trick-Or-Treat but he carried his "Pun-Kin" and said thank you for every piece of candy he received.  Many people stopped us to say how cute and original he was in his costume.  One lady even asked if I sown the costume my self.  Man wish I could sew!!  Slowly Gabriel became tired from all the walking and a no nap day.  Uncle Sean to the rescue - pulled Gabriel and Riley around in the wagon and made the night end on a great note! 

I only have two weeks left until we go back to Ohio.  I have really loved being home and spending such awesome time with family and friends.  Wish I could pack them all up and bring home with me.  Here are a couple of pictures from mom's camera!
Love this picture of my mom and I even though Gabriel isn't looking
and my brother wanted his fingers in the picture.

My very goofy parents!! 
This is what happens when you retire from the
Air Force after 28 years of service - LOL

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