Saturday, October 23, 2010

You are amazing...........

Something huge has happened to our family which I am not ready to Blog about.  However through the tears, hugs, and many prayers, my husband pulled me into his arms and said he was thankful of me. Even called me amazing.  Said best thing in his life is me as his wife.  Held my hand and said he wouldn't change a thing about his life because he is beyond Blessed.  Then he laughed and said "Babe, I am so thankful for the hard, long (naps and bedtime total to be about 10days), exhausting, but NEVER gave up or gave in sleep training you did with Gabriel".

I laughed (beyond needed laugh) and asked why?  He then asked me if I realized that it has been a week since Gabriel has slept in his bed and he has had only one meltdown.  Not only has he been in not one, not two, but THREE new beds, he sleeps like a champ and naps. 

I smiled and said yes babe I realize this.  Laughed some more and said I am thankful mom picked up that phone during those naps and bedtimes where I wanted to give in.  I am also thankful for a husband who trusted me enough to let me stick with Sleep Training for 10 days.  The book was worth every 20 bucks I spent!!!

So tonight we are going out on a much needed date and I think he is going to buy me a new pair of boots to truly show his appreciation...wink wink!

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