Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Woke up after only 3 hours of sleep feeling very crafty.  Gabe with waking up 5 times during the night last night (no nap, poopie diaper, and maybe bad dreams?) I was worried he was going to be Mr. Attitude when he woke up. However I found him singing and dancing in his pack-n-play.  Sweet!!! 

Off to Pumpkin Patch we went to take pictures.  I dressed him up in his Halloween costume and his Pumpkin Patch outfit (sooo cute I tell ya!!).  However I gave him his golf club (plastic) in the car and driving down the interstate Gabe decided the window would be his golf club.  Which resulted in my yelling to stop...........

Yeah I scared him so bad that he jumped and immediate tears came.  I felt sooo bad for yelling but I seriously didn't want to have to explain to Grandma what happened to her car window!!  So needless to say this put Gabriel in a foul mood for pictures.

So I will post pictures soon and pray when I upload them I will get at least two good pictures!!  Gabriel wanted NO part of saying cheese, looking cute, or sitting with all the pumpkins.  But I was proud of myself for letting him do his thing and I just stood back and snapped like a crazy women. 

My husband asked me when I will realize that our son just doesn't like the camera right now....umm NEVER!! ;)

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