Saturday, August 28, 2010

Planning for 2nd Birthday

So I went ahead and booked our clubhouse for December (in the event we are still here to celebrate Gabriel's 2nd Birthday).  Now I have been brainstorming about what theme I would like to do!!!!  I figure I only have one, maybe two, more birthdays before he gets to voice his opinion.  Last year for his First Birthday we did a Winter ONE-derland theme.  I had so much fun with this party. 

So for this year I want to do more crafts, make the birthday cake again, but if only I could make up my mind on the theme!!!  I have thought about Trains, Cars, Airplanes - which all three he is LOVING right now.  Mickey Mouse Club - his favorite cartoon.  Something with balls or a golfer theme birthday - Gabe and his dad play golf in the backyard everyday and Gabe has a wicked swing already.  Then I thought a Cowboy or Hayday/Rodeo theme for this one horse Gabriel's Papa May bought him for Christmas, that Gabe loves to "ride". 

For now I will keep brainstorming but be thankful for at least we finally decided on a Halloween costume!!  I thought I would be nice (hehehe) and let Nathan pick the costume for this year since I picked last year.  Have I mentioned that Fall and my FAVORITE months are just around the corner?!?!?!

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